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Last updated: February 24, 2022

Tips To Transition From Platinum To A Natural Blonde

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3 Tips For Transitioning Clients From Platinum To A Natural Blonde Color

Turns out, going to the dark side is not as easy as Star Wars made it seem. We came across these hot tips from Drea Jaclyn (@andreahenty), LA-Stylist and owner of Bomane Salon (@bomanesalonthat we think every stylist should consider when transitioning platinum clients to a more natural blonde color!


1. Consider Skin Tone

This amazing tip is number one on the list, something so simple that makes such a difference! After being so used to seeing themselves with platinum hair, clients can have a misconception of what blonde color can actually best compliment their natural skin tone. 


“I’m sure I’ll love it once I get ready.” We’ve heard this one too many times! Many clients rely on makeup or a tan to be the deciding factor of loving their new hair—show them that should not be the case. Whether clients are fresh-faced or in full glam, their darker blonde color should compliment their natural skin tone and make them feel their most confident at all times.


2. Choose Natural Color Levels

The goal when transitioning to a more natural blonde color is, you guessed it, to keep the color blonde! A common technique is just adding in a heavy root shadow or melt to allow for low maintenance regrowth. However, going too dark on the root can lead to more work for the stylist. 


Using the natural root color is key when adding a darker tone throughout the head to avoid a lot of maintenance and best enhance your client’s natural features. Inspo photos are a great tool for clients to bring in, but we’ve all learned they are not always realistic. Show your clients plenty of options to mix in different colors and tones that compliment what they’re already working with. 


3. Check Porosity

A lot of times we see clients transition away from platinum to work on the health and integrity of their hair. Clients may not realize hair must be healthy enough to accept deposits of color evenly, which can require multiple appointments to build color depth without severe damage or fading. 


Fully analyze your clients hair and have an honest convo! Whether better hair health or just an overall change of vibe is the goal, lasting and strong results should always be a priority. 


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