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Last updated: May 06, 2020

20 Ideas For Helping Others While In Quarantine

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20 Ways You Can Help Others From Home

As hairdressers, helping others in our nature. But, with most states under mandatory “stay-at-home” orders, we are unable to be there for our clients and lend a helping hand. But don’t worry! Here at BTC we know how important connecting with people means to beauty professionals so we’ve put together a list of ways for you to get involved in your community and offer help from the safety of your home.

*Please practice social distancing responsibilities when engaging in any of these activities. If some of these don’t feel like the right fit for you, scroll through until you find an activity that suits your level of comfort!

1. Volunteer! Click here to search volunteer databases to help in your community


2. Volunteer at a crisis hotline, like the Crisis Text Line here. 


3. Research your local news outlets (such as newspapers and TV stations) for ideas on how to volunteer in your community. For example,  Google your local tv stations, then, search the home page by typing ‘how can I help?’ Click here to search your zip code for ways to help your community. 


4. Stay connected to the senior community by researching your local nursing home. Once you have the address, connect with a senior resident and become pen pals.  For more ideas like this, click here to check out Love For The Elderly.


5. Stay connected with friends and relatives with group chats, video calls and through social media. 

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6. Volunteer or donate to your local food bank.


7. Donate blood! Click here for more info from The Red Cross. 


8. Volunteer or donate to your local Salvation Army assistance programs. For more information, click here.  


9. Visit your church or any place of worship website to see how you can volunteer or assist in your community.


10. Contact and work with your local beauty distributor to organize donations for supplies, such as gloves, masks and sanitizer .




11. Send thank you cards, flowers or food from a local business (who doesn’t love a pizza!)  to your local hospital, fire department or police stations.

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12. Partner with an organization to help the elderly or vulnerable community with their grocery shopping. You can also place an order on a grocery delivery service app and have it sent right to their door. 


13. FOSTER AN ANIMAL! Contact your local animal shelter or organization to see how you can get involved. Here are some good places to start: Best Friends Organization, Petfinder or Kitten Rescue.


14. Call your local hospital and arrange to cater breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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15. Purchase a gift card (interest free loan!) from a small business in your community.


16. Donate to an organization, if you are able. For some ideas to get you started, click here. 


17. If you can play and instrument or sing, offer to put on a socially distant show for your neighbors.



18. Offer to Facetime your clients and teach them that beach wave or braid you never have time to teach in the salon.


19. If you can sew, contact your local fabric store to see if you can purchase fabric to make masks.


20. Support your trainer/gym and stay active by scheduling a virtual training session.


21. Donate any old iPads, laptops, smart tablets to nursing homes so they can stay connected with loved ones.

Remember, the best way to help people is to STAY HOME! We will come back from this bigger and better. Stay strong and get involved! 


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