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Last updated: May 06, 2020

5 Ways To Build Your Brand + Salon Culture During Quarantine

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Our salon doors might be closed right now, but there are still ways we can actively stay connected, profitable and on top of our clients’ minds. That’s why the co-founders of IGK Hair, who have salons in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami (and a product line!), are focused on keeping their brand on fire and their salon culture strong.


Here’s what we learned from Franck Izquierdo (@franckhair), Chase Kusero (@chasehair), Aaron Grenia (@aarongreniahair) and Leo Izquierdo (@leohairofficial). Keep reading!


1. How To Support Your Salon Team Financially

IGK Hair has created opportunities for stylists to make pro content and get paid for it, plus an affiliate program to increase retail sales and incentivize their stylists to sell more during quarantine.


  • Content Creation Program:
    • Stylists create client-friendly content using IGK Hair products.
    • Tutorials are shared on the website and social media channels.
    • Clients receive free education and at-home styling videos.
    • This keeps stylists busy, creating content and making money.


  • Affiliate Program: 
    • Earn 30% commission on every purchase (standard commission is 15%, so stylists get double.)
    • Stylists get a personalized link to earn money with every sale.
    • Click here for more info. 


For example, here is a client-friendly tutorial @igkhair posted on Insta:


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⁣ Learn to air-dry like a pro using Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm + Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel.

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2. Stay On Top Of Your Clients’ Minds

Here are some ideas for keeping constant communication with clients:

  • IGK Hair’s New York City salon location has their front desk receptionist answering calls and continuing communication with clients during temporary closure.
  • Offer gift certificates for clients to pre-book future appointments.
  • Stay active on social media. Offer at-home tutorials for clients.


3. Protect Your Business & Staff During Quarantine

IGK Hair salons have applied for government loan and grant programs to protect their business and staff. Learn more about the Payroll Protection Program and other small business programs.


4. Maintain Your Salon Culture

How can you stay connected? The KEY is maintaining that salon community that your stylists know, love and need more than ever. Keep your culture alive by keeping in touch with:

  • Group texts
  • Individual phone calls 
  • Wellness check-ins
  • Zoom parties


5. Prepare To Reopen

Encourage your stylists to stay home, stay safe and rest, because when the salons reopen, there will most likely be an influx in appointments—aka A LOT of work to do. In the meantime, stylists should focus on staying positive, maintaining a healthy mindset and getting prepared for a rush similar to the holiday season. You’ve got this! 👏


Watch The IGTV Video Below!

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