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Last updated: October 04, 2017

Get To “Expert” Status With This Educational Program

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Want your salon to be successful? Of course you do! And one of the best ways to ensure salon success is to support your stylists. Elevating your staff through education can up their skill level, increase their passion and help your business grow. Moroccanoil® thinks so too. That’s why they created their Expert Program, a course designed to turn one of your salon leaders into a total Moroccanoil® guru. After the stylist completes the program, they’ll be coined the go-to person at their salon for all things Moroccanoil®.


Interested in taking your salon to the next level? Here’s how salons and stylists can get involved:

  1. Pick a lead stylist or influencer in your salon to attend the Moroccanoil® Expert Program.
  2. After the stylist completes the two-day class, they receive “expert” status and can function as an authority, coach and advocate for all things Moroccanoil® within their home salon.
  3. The expert stylist now has the know-how to take your salon to new levels of excellence—from introducing the brand and its products at new Moroccanoil® salons to training all existing staff and future hires on everything Moroccanoil-related.


The program is a two-day comprehensive class where expert stylists will receive:

  • A certificate of completion
  • Moroccanoil® products and tools
  • A 20 percent discount off Moroccanoil® Academy classes
  • Previews of new launches for their salon
  • Product knowledge updates from the Moroccanoil® marketing team


Not only will the stylist and the salon benefit from this experience, but it’s an opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded people who are passionate about bettering themselves and their salons. See the photos from previous expert programs in the slideshow above!


For more details, visit or email your audition pack to a Moroccanoil® Regional Education Manager: 

  • Sean Stroupe (East),
  • Steffan Tricoci (Central),
  • Richelle McLaughlin (West),

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