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August 7, 2018

3 Surface Painting Techniques For Blonde Dimension From @larisadoll

Larisa Love @larisadoll blonding hair painting techniques and color formulas

Use These Timesaving Techniques To Achieve Dimensional Blondes
WTF is Hairagami? Larisa Love—aka @larisadoll to her 544k Instagram followers—developed this foil-highlighting technique to paint a dimensional, full-head transformation in less time. From foil placement to sectioning and application tips, Larisa broke down the full blonding technique LIVE at the BTC house. Click HERE to watch the full video playback with lifetime access!


But first, we’ve rounded up some of Larisa’s best tips and cheats for creating dimensional blonde haircolor using surface painting! From a babylight cheat to painting perfect highs and lows, keep scrollin’ for three techniques you can start using to achieve depth on your blondie babes. 



1. Soft & Blended Babylight Cheat

Follow these steps to cheat the babylight effect without all of those back-to-back foils:

  • When surface painting, Larisa recommends starting each section by painting with the grain of the hair from the roots to ends. Then to soften the blend, go back and gently brush the lightener against the grain of the hair from ends to roots.
  • Using the last 2 to 3 teeth of a wide-tooth tail comb, gently comb through the lightener to finish each section for a babylight effect.


Larisa Love @larisadoll blonding hair painting techniques and color formulas


2. Larisa’s Guide For Where To Surface Paint

Color placement is the key to dimension. Here’s where Larisa places highs and lows to create contrast in her clients’ haircolor: 

  • If your client wants dimension, usually a blonde requesting depth, alternate between highlighting and lowlighting. Larisa recommends surface painting to create brightness on top of the hair, then building in lowlights underneath each section. 
  • The only section Larisa usually paints underneath the hair is at the bottom of the hairlinethis will create a visible pop of brightness when the client wears her hair in a ponytail or topknot.
  • If the client is requesting a major transformation, Larisa recommends painting both the top and bottom of every section to completely saturate the hair.



3. Use These Color Formulas For Blonde Dimension

Create contrast by formulating the perfect mix of highs and lows: 

  • Larisa’s Go-To Lightener: Larisa prefers mixing balayage lightener with traditional lightening powder for a perfect combo of powder power with clay consistency. Her go-to formula is a combination of Joico Blonde Life Lightening Powder with FreePlay Clay Lightener. Throughout the lightening process, Larisa increases the developer by 5-volume with every new bowl of lightener. 
  • Larisa’s Go-To Color For Lowlights: Larisa recommends lowlighting with Joico Lumishine Demi-Permanent Liquid Color on blonde clientsif they want to be bright blonde at their next appointment, this color will transition softly.


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Want to know more about Hairagami? Click HERE for the complete blonding breakdown, including every foil diagram you need to know!