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Last updated: July 15, 2021

6 Tips For The Best Teasylights

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Larisa Love Shares Her Top 6 Teasylight Tips

Incorporating a teasing technique into your blonding services opens up limitless customization options for your clients and lets you fully flex your artistry. Foiling queen Larisa Love (@larisadoll) shared six of her must-know blonding and teasing tips during JoiCon (Joico’s 4-day digital education extravaganza!), and we just HAD to share with you.



1. Begin Lightener Application In The Front

We know, we know…you always start applying lightener in the back of the head because you think you can rinse it out if it processes faster. That is totally fine if that works for you. However, Larisa begins lightener application at the front hairline.


Here’s why: The top front hairline is the most compromised hair on the head. Even if the client’s hair is virgin, that’s where they touch their hair the most and where they brush or heat-style the most. Start applying lightener here with a low level of developer. Larisa’s go-to is Joico Blonde Life Lightening Powder because it has exotic oils that keep the hair moist while gently lifting.


After the hairline? Move onto the nape. This area is surprisingly compromised as well (think about how shirt collars or jackets rub against that area all the time). Then work your way to the stronger hair in the middle of the head.


Larisa prefers Joico Blonde Life with LumiShine developer, increasing the developer with every bowl of lightener she mixes.


2. Level Up The Developer

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the one above: Start with a low developer and increase every time you finish a bowl of lightener.


For example, Larisa starts with a bowl of Blonde Life + 10-volume LumiShine developer to ensure slow, steady lift at the hairline and moneypiece area. Once that bowl of lightener is gone, she’ll mix another bowl using Blonde Life + 15-volume developer (equal parts 10-volume and 20-volume) for the nape. Once that bowl is gone, the next bowl will use 20-volume developer. Level up every time you mix a fresh bowl of lightener so the whole head lightens evenly.


3. Increase The Tease

For the effect of a shadow root without actually applying a shadow root, try this tease trick, working in a Mohawk section:


  • At the front hairline, tease the first slice or weave one time. Apply lightener and secure in foil.
  • On the next section you want to lighten, tease twice.
  • Working up the head in the Mohawk section, add one additional tease for every section.


“The more you tease the hair, the lower the color will fall. The less you tease the hair, the higher the color will fall,” Larisa explained. This method creates a gradual teardrop effect of a shadow root that’s built in to the lightening service.


4. Choose The Best Comb For The Job

Struggling to tease finer-haired clients? Comb getting tangled in thicker-haired clients? Not all fine-toothed combs are created equal! Check out the difference below.



If you find finer-haired clients difficult to achieve a tease, try a comb with teeth that are closer together, like the one on the left. For thicker hair, use one that looks like the comb on the right.


5. Make The Processing Time Pleasant

“Clients are like spies—they may not say anything, but they see everything,” Larisa said. That’s why she’s obsessed with guest experience, even down to their comfort level when processing. Check out how she takes the loose ends of hair hanging from between foils and braids them! This little detail makes the client feel special.



6. Comb Out The Tease With Ease

One of the most-asked questions we hear during education events is, “How do I comb out the teasylights?” Here’s Larisa’s technique:


  • Remove the foils and rinse the hair.
  • Apply Joico Defy Damage ProSeries 2 to the teased areas.
  • Let this sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Bonus – your client gets the benefits of this salon-only treatment that regenerates and strengthens hair bonds and protects hair from damage!
  • Comb out the teases with a WetBrush.


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