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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Quickie: Blonding Without Lightener

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Not all blondes require lightener! For a client who wants a warm golden hue and an application process that’s easier on strands, colorists can skip the lightener altogether and still achieve a dimensional blonde blend using haircolor.


We pulled this quickie video from celebrity colorist Briana Cisneros (@brianacisneros) explaining the blonding-with-haircolor process. Plus, we grabbed some insight on when to use this technique and a few of Briana’s takeaways tips you don’t want to miss. Check it all out below!



Blonde With Haircolor When:

  • The client wants a warm, golden and sun-kissed end result.
  • The client wants a less damaging color service—blonding without lightener keeps the hair healthier.


Don’t Blonde With Haircolor When:

  • The desired end result is ash blonde. For that look, you’ll need to use lightener to get a higher lift and then tone down to ash.
  • The hair is below a Level 5 (unless the desired end result is a medium brunette color with warm tones).
  • The hair has previous color on it because you can’t lift color over color. If the client has color-treated hair, lightener will need to be used.


Watch the color quickie + get Briana’s takeaway tips below!


Starting Level: 6


Formulas Used:

  • Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect 10/16 + 30-volume developer
  • Wella Professionals Illumina 8/69 + 20-volume developer
  • Wella Professionals Illumina 6/76 + 20-volume developer


Takeaway Tips:

  • Use the Level 10 haircolor around the hairline to create the brightest pop of blonde around the face.
  • Move in horizontal sections through the top of the head, alternating between the Level 10, Level 8 and Level 6. This will create the most natural shade of multidimensional blonde.
  • Use the Level 6 (because it is closest to the client’s starting level) to shift the base and warm up the existing natural color at the roots.
  • Toning isn’t necessary if your formulations have contributing tones in them. For example, Briana’s formulas had contributing shades of ash and violet—allowing the color to tone the hair while it lifted. 


Products Used


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