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Last updated: November 29, 2018

How-To: Backweave Blonding Technique For Healthier Haircolor

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How-To: Backweave Blonding Technique For Healthier Haircolor

What are the most important things when taking a client blonder? Keeping that hair healthy and avoiding breakage! And Moroccanoil® Global Ambassador Briana Cisneros knows exactly how to do that—by using a backweave blonding technique to avoid lightener overlap on already-fragile hair and using a system that seals the hair’s outer layer while nourishing its inner cortex. Get Briana’s technique below!



Watch The Video Quickie Below—SOUND ON!


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Two Takeaway Tips For Creating Healthier Blonde Haircolor

1. Keep Strong Products Away From Compromised Ends

  • Know This: Overlapping on previously-lightened hair is a big no-no! To ensure the hair’s integrity, Briana weaves each section twice—it takes longer, but the results are worth it.


  • Try This: First, apply the lightener on what has grown out. Then, when reaching the previously-lighted ends, backweave out the dark pieces of hair (the lowlights) and only apply lightener to those strands. Watch video above for exact details!


Another tip? Patience! Blondes ALWAYS take time!


2. Use Products That Help Blonde Haircolor In More Ways Than One

  • Know This: There are a lot of factors to consider when working with blondes—like damage caused by application services, color loss caused by thermal styling, brassiness caused by shampooing and color fade caused by the environment (heat, sun or water).


  • Try This: Briana uses the Moroccanoil® Color Complete Line during coloring services, especially when working with blondes. Why? It helps with color retention before starting the service, seals in color after the service and can be sent home with clients to protect their blonde investment until their next appointment. (Get more details on the new line here!)


  • BONUS! Briana’s fave product from the line? The Color Complete ChromaTech Post! It helps seal the outer layer of the cuticle while delivering argan oil into the cortex and rebuilding broken bonds.