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Last updated: April 19, 2018

Moroccanoil® Launches Color Complete Collection

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Naomi Watts at the Moroccanoil® Color Complete Collection launch with Robert Ham, Moroccanoil® Director of Global Education, and Briana Cisneros, Moroccanoil® Global Ambassador. Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Moroccanoil®

Moroccanoil® is going where the brand has NEVER gone before with the release of the Color Complete Collection, including two professional-only, in-salon products as part of a 360-degree approach to color care. BTC hit the launch party on Manhattan’s Lower East Side (where we spied big names like Naomi Watts, Moroccanoil® co-founder Carmen TalMoroccanoil® Celebrity Colorist Lorri Goddard and Moroccanoil® Global Ambassador Briana Cisneros), so check out all the deets and party pics below!


The 5-Step Color Complete Collection

“This is the first time we’re really giving professional stylists products meant to be used in the salon only,” shared Robert Ham, Moroccanoil® Director of Global Education. “It’s our commitment to the professional. The science behind it is unbelievable—yes, it’s a bond builder, but it also has an ionic delivery system, it also has a polymer sealant…it’s a 360-degree approach.”


The collection incorporates two new, proprietary technologies—ArganID™ and COLORLINK™—that protect the hair from all sources of color fade. After 10 washes, the Color Complete Collection is scientifically proven to extend color life and vibrancy by 100 percent.


moroccanoil color complete collection launch haircolor treatment regimen


The collection includes:

1. ChromaTech PRIME: To be used in the salon before a color service, this quick-drying spray helps to increase color deposit and equalize porosity for more even results, plus it soothes the scalp to minimize discomfort during the service. Apply to the hair in quadrants, focusing on the scalp.

2. ChromaTech POST: To be used in the salon after a color service to seal in color, featuring the new COLORLINK™ technology that creates cross-links in the hair’s keratin structure to trap color while forming a protective shield. Apply to the hair after rinsing color and leave on for a minimum of 5 minutes.

3 + 4. Color Continue Shampoo & Conditioner: A take-home step that also features COLORLINK™ to continuously repair and restore the hair and provide intense nourishment and improved hair quality, resulting in superior color retention.

5. Protect & Prevent SprayThe final step for the client’s use at home, this spray provides max prevention from color fade and brassiness, acting as a leave-in conditioner and shield that absorbs damaging UV rays while neutralizing free radicals.



Watch The Video To See How ChromaTech POST Works!


The Color Complete Collection Launch Party

From the interactive digital lightroom to the smoking, bubbling cocktails, the launch party for the collection was off the hook. The brand also announced its new Moroccanoil® Color Collective, a group of five digital ambassadors—@blairadiebee, @notjessfashion, @luhhsetty, @zanitazanita and @itssangtime—that will share their journey to color confidence using the Color Complete Collection.


“This new technology is incredible,” Carmen said to the crowd. “Millions of women around the world color their hair…because that’s what we do! We like to change! I’m very thrilled to bring this collection to life.”


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Moroccanoil® co-founder Carmen Tal and Moroccanoil® CEO JuE Wong. Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Moroccanoil®


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