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Last updated: June 06, 2022

3-in-1 Express Service: Base Color, Highlights & Gray Coverage

Larisa Love’s Best Tips: Foil & Base Timesavers

Want fast tips for even FASTER applications? Check out these pro tricks for lightening and applying base color quickly while achieving a sun-kissed brunette look. Keep up with client requests and nail these express service pointers to help you save time and boost your ticket.


1. Take Slices Instead Of Weaves For Front Highlights  

Not only does this save time for an express service, but taking micro-slices around the face will create a more natural-looking color. “I tease the front micro-slices to avoid getting lightener all the way to the root,” says Joico Global Brand Ambassador Larisa Love (@larisadoll). “This creates the soft, sun-kissed look.”


Since we’re lightening in the front of the head first, Larisa uses Joico Blonde Life Lightening Powder + 20-vol Lumishine Developer. Using a low-volume developer when starting in the front of the head is super important. This hair generally has the most damage, so allowing your foils to process slowly with a lower volume will help not to overprocess the hair. 


Pro Tip: “No matter what lightening service I’m doing, I always start in the front,” says Larisa. “Your client will focus on what they see most so having your brightest blonde by their face is best.” 

Check out Joico’s new LUMI10 NG/NV tones plus every swatch of the range for custom color selection.


2. Use 10-Minute Color From Root To End For Base Formula

“The key to nailing this express service is waiting to apply your base color until your foils have 10 to 15 minutes left to process,” says Larisa. Using Joico LUMI10 Permanent Color, Larisa mixes two different formulas to use at the roots and through the midlengths and ends. 


Larisa’s sun-kissed brunette base formulas:

  • Roots: Mix 1:1 Joico LUMI10 7NV + LumiShine LUMI10 22-Volume Accelerator 
  • Midlengths and ends: Mix 1:1 LUMI10 9NVLumiShine LUMI10 22-Volume Accelerator 


When applying color in between foils, Larisa suggests clipping up foils out of the way for control if you don’t have an assistant to help you. Using two different formulas will create a soft, dimensional look that will appear as though you spent hours painting on contrast. 


Pro Tip: LUMI10 will cover 100 percent of grays, so this express service can be a TRIPLE threat for clients who need a root touch-up on top of their new base color and highlights. 


Check out Larisa’s beautiful end result! 


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