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Last updated: June 17, 2019

@platinum_perfection’s 5 Tips For Perfecting Your Platinum

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Zach Mesquit (@platinum_perfection) came to the BTC stage at Premiere Orlando 2017 to demo a full platinum makeover on BTC’s Mattie Alderink! In addition to being one of the best blonders in the biz, Zach is also an AMAZING educator. Here are just a few of the tips we picked up from Zach during his demo.



1. When going full-on platinum, Zach prefers to use balayage around the face—he spends the most time here since it’s the most important part. Zach notes when he was first starting out, he used to take diagonal sections around the face, but he noticed that after dropping them down, he was always left with lines of demarcation. “So always paint your sections perfectly horizontal,” he advises.


2. Zach rarely uses foils when bleaching because his number one rule of thumb is to process his blondes “low and slow.” Instead, he uses Professional Haircoloring Meche from Colortrak. “These are great because you can reuse them!” says Zach. “Just rinse and hang them up to dry.


Worried about clients with sensitive scalps? Here are Zach’s three solutions to help with the burn:

3. Make sure your platinum clients never come in with clean hair. “They should wash their hair 2 to 3 days before their salon visit,” he says. 


4. Add some Sweet’N Low to your formula. The two main ingredients in Sweet’N Low (Cream of Tartar and saccharin) help to lower pH levels to a more normal acidic level, which offers relief to an irritated scalp.


5. Have REALLY sensitive clients take a Benadryl before the process.


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