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Last updated: November 24, 2020

How Alyssa Milano’s Stylist Treated Her COVID-19 Hair Loss

How Alyssa Milano’s Stylist Treated Her COVID-19 Hair Loss

Celeb stylist Linh Nguyen (@linhhair) found out that his client Alyssa Milano was experiencing hair loss after having COVID-19 the same way the world did—on Twitter.


In the video above, which now has 2.6 million views, Alyssa showed just how much hair loss she was experiencing from one short session of brushing. When Linh saw it, he knew he had a responsibility to her. So he called his friend, NIOXIN Education Manager Michael Long, to take action.


“I told her, ‘Stop brushing your hair, we’re sending you NIOXIN right away,’” he said.



Here’s Why Alyssa Lost Her Hair After Having COVID-19

By now, doctors have an understanding of why former COVID-19 patients are losing hair. It’s called illness-induced telogen effluvium—or more simply, it’s the result of the body’s response to severe illness. When someone is very sick, their body moves energy and nutrients away from growing hair follicles and towards fighting the illness, which leads to a large number of hair follicles leaving the growth phase at one time.


Hair loss from telogen effluvium isn’t permanent, but can be scary for clients. That’s why Linh kicked into high gear immediately to help Alyssa.


Here’s How Linh Helped Alyssa Prevent More Hair Loss

Together, Linh and Michael developed a comprehensive approach to address Alyssa’s hair loss that addressed the problem from a variety of angles.


NIOXIN 3 Part System No.6

The three-part kit comes in six different systems depending on the client’s hair type and what kind of hair loss they are experiencing. Linh and Michael chose No.6—meant for chemically-treated, bleached hair that is progressively thinning. The kit includes shampoo, conditioner and a scalp/hair treatment to get noticeably denser-looking hair within about two months.


NIOXIN Night Density Rescue

Alyssa is reportedly obsessed with this overnight serum, proven to boost hair density within two months and combat hair loss by neutralizing the free radicals on the scalp.


NIOXIN Recharging Complex Hair Growth Vitamins

To support normal hair growth from the inside out, Michael recommended Alyssa start taking these hair supplements that include biotin, zinc and iron.


NIOXIN Hair Regrowth Treatment with 2% Minoxidil

Minoxidil is the only ingredient clinically proven to effectively help hair regrowth in women, so Michael and Linh knew it would be great for Alyssa. It reactivates the hair follicles to stimulate regrowth.



Here’s How You Can Help Your Clients With COVID-19 Hair Loss

Alyssa has been using the comprehensive NIOXIN approach for three months. “She’s seen results…she’s very happy,” he said.


If you’re noticing more clients with hair loss now, you’re not alone. Stylists are anecdotally reporting increased hair loss in their clients. Even if it’s only slight, this is a great time to have a conversation. Try using phrases like, “I notice your ponytail isn’t as thick as it used to be—are you noticing that to?” Michael suggested. Because NIOXIN products can be used for prevention as well as treatment, it’s smart to start your clients on them before you notice a larger problem, which can be more difficult to correct, Linh said.


“Right now, clients maybe aren’t eating the best, maybe not exercising a lot or seeing the sun,” he said. “It’s the perfect time to suggest this—you have the relationship where they trust you enough. It’s an easy sell. ‘This will help make your hair look thicker’ is an easy way to say it, because who doesn’t want that?”


“If we can be preventative and try to catch things right away, who would be mad that you’re helping save their hair as their hairdresser? That’s our primary role as a hairdresser to take the best care,” Michael said. “It’s my responsibility to tell clients when I notice changes, especially hair loss.”


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