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Last updated: May 20, 2021

What To Say To A Client Who Won’t Wear A Mask

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How To Nicely Talk To Anti-Mask Clients

You’ve seen the viral videos of business owners and customers screaming at each other over face masks, and you DON’T want that to happen in your salon. Here are some tips on how to communicate about face masks that will help avoid all the drama!


Train Your Staff and Work On Sample Phrasing

  • For employees or stylists, coach them to say something like, “If you won’t wear a mask per our policy, I have been instructed to contact my manager/the salon owner, who will need to discuss this with you.”
  • Make sure the designated manager or the owner is ready to have a conversation with the client—don’t put the conversation on the front-line stylist or receptionists.


Get more sample phrasing and staff training ideas: Download our free 5-step guide to handling clients who won’t wear masks!

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