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Last updated: August 31, 2021

How Stylists Can Help New Moms Deal With Postpartum Hair Loss

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Image via Christina Milian/NIOXIN

New Moms Dealing With Hair Loss? Here’s How To Help!

50 percent of new moms will experience postpartum hair loss, according to the American Pregnancy Association. The issue isn’t limited to regular clients—even celebs, like actress and singer Christina Milian, can experience hair thinning or falling out up to six months after giving birth. We recently sat with Christina, Dr. Mona Gohara and NIOXIN to discuss why postpartum hair loss happens, how moms-to-be can take preventative measures and solutions to offer clients when they come back to your chair. 


What causes postpartum hair loss?

“Postpartum hair loss is our body’s response to the physiological and emotional stress of giving birth. Our hair typically goes through a growth and shedding cycle, but after you have a baby, the hair shedding phase out-paces the growing phase, so we experience excessive hair shedding,” explains Dr. Gohara. 


It’s important to explain to your clients that if they are experiencing hair loss, they aren’t alone. If your client is a mom-to-be, talk with them about their lifestyle and current haircare routine to come up with a plan post-birth. This way when their hair starts thinning, there is no added stress about trying to stop it or come up with a plan on the fly. 


“Keeping a healthy lifestyle postpartum is easier said than done with a newborn at home, but nourishing your body by eating foods rich in protein, biotin and vitamins and getting enough sleep and exercise are crucial in the long run to treat your hair loss from the inside and outside,” adds Dr. Gohara. 


How Christina Milian deals with hair loss 

Actress, singer AND mom of three! Christina’s hair loss journey starts to notice a thinning hairline and hair loss roughly three to six months postpartum. When she became pregnant with her third child, Christina started using the NIOXIN System Kit to alleviate hair loss symptoms before they start. Here’s how:


  • Help your client identify their number: System Kits are numbered (1-6) to target specific hair types and problems. Christina began using the NIOXIN System Kit 5 “Chemically Treated Hair with Normal to Light Thinning” before giving birth to help nourish and maintain a healthy scalp. 


  • Incorporate the system into their existing haircare routine: Each kit contains a 3-step system (a shampoo, conditioner and a scalp treatment) so there are no added products or extra steps—crucial for a new mom with minimal personal time! 


“[I love] that NIOXIN nourishes the scalp first, taking a skincare-inspired approach to hair health with product ingredients I already love like niacinamide and peppermint oil,” explains Christina. 


Slide to see Christina’s before & after photos when using the NIOXIN System Kit!

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