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Last updated: September 05, 2018

Clarifying Before Color Services: Why It’s So Crucial

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Clarifying Before Color Services: Why It’s So Crucial

What’s one secret for creating bomb haircolor? For BTC team member @jayrua_glam—who gets thousands of likes on his balayage transformations—it’s all about starting with a CLEAN canvas. Watch his eye-opening Insta vid (it got almost 100k views!) that shows how buildup can accumulate on strands when not clarified routinely, then peep the reasons behind WHY you should be clarifying the hair before coloring! 


Peep This Eye-Opening Video 😱


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What causes buildup:

  • Grocery store brands cause huge buildup and need to be removed from the hair before color services.
  • Overusing certain styling products (likes lots and lots of hairspray and oils) can also cause buildup.


Why buildup is BAD for color:

  • Think of buildup as a film that’s covers the hair. What it’s doing is essentially blocking the color from penetrating the hair strand to its fullest potential.
  • The more pigment absorbed by the hair follicle means longer-lasting color—but buildup prevents this from happening.
  • Additionally, buildup or products that block the hair follicle can prevent new hair from coming through the skin and maturing. Over time, the lack of new growth can make hair appear thinner. 


How and when to remove buildup:

  • @jayrua_glam likes to use the NIOXIN Clarifying Cleanser Shampoo because it helps remove both buildup from day-to-day product usage and rid the hair of its excess natural oils.
  • Jay suggests clients clarify every two weeks and follow up with a hydrating mask. This regimen will remove current buildup on the hair and prevent future buildup from happening. “When creating the perfect ombré or balayage, colorists need to prepare the canvas correctly,” says Jay. “The NIOXIN Clarifying Cleanser Shampoo allows me to create my look from a balanced, clean canvas and with no impurities.” 


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