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Last updated: October 19, 2022

Clients With Thinning & Hair Loss? Read This!

what causes hair loss and thinning and surface awaken scalp facial for visible hair growth
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Hair Loss & Thinning: What Causes Scalp Challenges & How To Create Solutions

Talking about hair loss with clients can create some anxiety, but the reality is this: thinning, hair loss and scalp challenges are normal. According to a Surface Hair study, 40% of women and 85% of men will experience hair loss and scalp challenges in their lifetime, and the earlier these issues are addressed, the better. 


That’s where YOU come in. As their trusted stylist, you know your client’s hair better than anyone else and can put their mind at ease by offering real solutions like fast in-salon services. This is also a great opportunity to create custom care regimens to introduce steps toward healthy growth into their everyday routines.


1. Problems: What Causes Thinning or Hair Loss

First, let’s start with the problem areas that cause fine and thinning hair, and ultimately hair loss.


Ask: Is a client dealing with any of these common issues?

Thinning hair, alopecia, postpartum, stress, seasonal rapid loss, dandruff, psoriasis, itchy scalp and oily scalp.


Here’s a closer look at each problem and the science behind it.


Dandruff, Psoriasis, Itchy & Oily Scalp

Hair density peaks from ages 16 to 22. As we age, the body reduces its production of a central micro mineral necessary for cellular rejuvenation. Gland and follicle blockage can also inhibit growth. As circulation slows down, it limits the nutrients that are taken to the cellular generation zone—aka where hair begins to grow. This type of irregular cell turnover is often the cause of dandruff or psoriasis, itchy and oily scalp.


Hair growth starts in the cellular generation zone, moving up the follicle and eventually becoming hair fiber.


Alopecia (Male & Female Pattern Baldness)

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a hormone that forms naturally in our bodies. Basically, enzymes convert testosterone into DHT and this causes the shrinkage of the hair follicle. It reduces cellular generation resulting in weak, thinning hair and hair loss.


Stress, Hormonal Shifts & Pregnancy

Stress, hormonal shifts and pregnancy can trigger a higher production of DHT. Hair will appear finer, weaker and have limited growth. In some situations, the follicle may collapse into no growth whatsoever.


Rapid Thinning & Seasonal Hair Loss

The best way to understand this is to think about how hair grows. There are three life cycles of hair: Anagen (growth), Catagen (transition) and Telogen (shedding). As a person’s life peaks, they have approx. 100,000 hairs on their head, and on average 80 to 100 hair are shed per day. 


During healthy growth, 90% of hair is in Anagen, aka the growing stage, and 10% is Catagen to Telogen, aka resting to falling. Throughout late fall and early winter, Anagen may reduce to 75%, increasing hair loss and dull appearance. We know this as seasonal hair loss.


what causes hair loss and thinning and surface awaken scalp facial for visible hair growth
The three life cycles of hair: Anagen, Catagen & Telogen.


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2. Solution: Try This 10-Minute Scalp Facial

So now that we know exactly what is causing these issues, here’s how you can help. By adding a Scalp Facial service to your ticket, the Surface Hair Awaken System will help reduce DHT, boost cellular generation and promote healthy hair follicles and scalp.


What’s Awaken?

It’s a drug-free system that uses certified organic botanicals to create a healthier scalp and faster growing, visibly thicker hair. Remember all that talk about hair life cycles? Awaken helps keep hair in the Anagen (growing) phase longer.  


Scalp Facial: 5 Steps In 10 Minutes


1. Pre-shampoo. Starting on wet hair and scalp, mist with Surface Awaken Scalp Elixir and massage for 1 minute. Do not rinse.   


2. Massage the first lather of Surface Awaken Shampoo for 1 minute to cleanse and stimulate, then rinse. Apply the second lather, and rinse. The cayenne, peppermint oil and mint will stimulate the scalp and follicle.


3. Massage the Surface Awaken Masque into the scalp for 7 minutes. While massaging the scalp, squeeze it through the ends of the hair for extra conditioning, then rinse. The masque features moringa plant properties to detoxify and rejuvenate the scalp and hair. 


4. Reapply the Scalp Elixir, misting the scalp and massaging for 1 minute. Do not rinse. 


5. Apply drops or stream Surface Awaken Treatment into thinning areas on scalp and massage in for 1 minute and leave on. The treatment works to decrease DHT to encourage a healthy follicle for healthy hair.  


Before/after 3 months of Awaken Scalp Facials & regular at-home care!

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3. Create Custom Retail Kits

Regardless of how frequent clients sit in our chairs, regular at-home care is essential to tackling thinning and hair loss issues. This gives stylists the opportunity to customize a care plan for visible hair growth.


Here are some retail package ideas:


Men’s Thinning

  • Awaken Shampoo and Conditioner daily
  • Awaken Scalp Elixir and Treatment 2x a day


Women’s Thinning Hair

  • Awaken Shampoo and Conditioner with each wash
  • Awaken Scalp Elixir and Treatment 2x a day
  • Awaken Masque 1x a week


Before/After: Check out 5 months of hair growth 

what causes hair loss and thinning and surface awaken scalp facial for visible hair growth
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