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Last updated: October 02, 2020

3 Holiday Promotions To Boost Business

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3 Holiday Promotions To Boost Business & Make More Money

So you’ve made it through a nationwide business shutdown, a crazy busy reopening and we’re still living in a global pandemic. Are you ready to start thinking about the holiday season yet?! 😅  We know, this year’s “busy season” is going to look very different, so in an effort to lower stress levels we’re sharing three business boosting holiday promotions to help you start planning NOW!


Idea #1: Bundles & BOGO Deals

If you want to see retail sales skyrocket this holiday season, then a product bundle or “Buy 2 Products, Get 1 Free” promotion is the best way to achieve that. Not only will a retail special boost business but it can also help with new client retention. How? Surface Founder & CEO Wayne Grund (@waynegrund) says home care items purchased are directly linked to guest satisfaction. Let’s break it down by numbers. According to Wayne:


  • Only 3% of new guests who don’t purchase a product will return.
  • New clients who purchase one item average a 30% return rate.
  • New clients who purchase two items average a 60% return rate. 
  • New clients who purchase three items average a 90% return rate.


Have no clue what kind of bundle to offer? Since fall is a time when clients want to nurse their summery blonde strands back to life and get their hair as healthy as possible, try offering a bundle or BOGO deal on a line like Surface Trinity Color Care. (It includes color retention and damage repair products!) Then, start promoting the special on your Instagram ASAP. Here’s some examples to guide you: 


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What about having your Stylist give you the BEST-COLOR-EVER only for it to fade in only 2 – 3 weeks? 😮 Isn’t that just the worst?! ⁠ ⁠ Flower Power! 🌺 Featuring: Amaranth Protein, Moringa Oil + Babassu Oil. ⁠ ⁠ Love Your Color Longer with Trinity 🌟⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #surfacehairhealth #ittakesapro #organichaircare #glutenfreehaircare #jaxsalon #hairsalonjax #904hair #jacksonvilleflorida #jacksonvillehairsalon #glutenfreeproducts #904thingstodo #cleanliving #liveinspired #jacksonvillehair #jaxhair #jaxhairsalon #surfacehair #vegansofig #sustainable #lovemysurfacehair #ecobeauty #perfecthair #healthyhair #naturalhaircare #beautylaunchpad #colorsafeshampoo #colorcareshampoo #sulfatefreeshampoo

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Pick up your Surface Trinity 2 for $52! Sale includes: -Shampoo -Conditioner -Protein Cream -Protein Repair Tonic -Dry Shampoo Get yours now!!

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Idea #2: Pre-Book & Receive A Complimentary Treatment

You know that post-holiday slump when business slows down a bit? This promotion will help avoid that! Let clients know that if they pre-book, they’ll receive a complimentary treatment on their next visit. And if you can’t decide on which treatment to offer, go with one that doesn’t require a lot of time but totally transforms the look and feel of the hair, like Surface Trinity One Shot. It’s formulated with bond building and hair strengthening properties AND is a leave-in, meaning zero processing time and one less trip to the bowl!


Idea #3: Host A Product Pick-Up Party

Are you planning on adding product gift boxes to your retail shelves this holiday season? Then a pick-up party is the idea for you! Here’s how it works: Throughout October, let clients know you’re taking pre-orders for said gift boxes. Then, in late November/early December when pre-orders are ready for pick-up, secure them in cute holiday wrapping paper, put their name on it and host a socially distanced product pick-up party complete with (individually packaged) snacks and drinks.


Pro Tip: Use Social Media To Promote Retail

In the next couple weeks, post about the products on Instagram and share in the caption how it targets a specific issue or why it’s a must-have. This will help clients better understand what the products do while creating an “I need to get this” mindset—just in time for your holiday promotions! Here are a couple of examples from Surface Salon Growth Manager Breanna Mahan (@bmahansurfacehair) to get you inspired:


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Let’s talk color🍃 do you feel like your color is fading fast? Are you using a “color safe” shampoo? Love your color longer with Trinity💕 This collection has “color retention” meaning it will actually help you retain your hair color 20% longer than traditional shampoos! Color safe means it won’t harm your color. Color retention helps to lock in hair color keep your hair looking fresh and new for longer✨ Discover the world of color retention and love your color longer with Trinity! #surfacehair #hairhealthart #lovemysurfacehair #surfacetrinity #organichaircare #ecosalon #greenbeauty #ittakesapro #wherebeautyshops #modernsalon #behindthechair #americansalon

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Moisture & Protein🍃 get the best of BOTH worlds with this best seller from @surfacehairhealth! Trinity protein cream is AMAZING and a must have product for me. Here is how I use it👇🏻 1. My go to leave in conditioner. After I get done washing my hair, I spray this all throughout my hair, especially focusing on the ends. This will help me condition and detngle making brushing my hair a breeze! 2. As a stylist, I love to use this as a cutting lotion! It makes sectioning so easy and gives great control to the hair. It also helps to protect your shear and razor blades. Run don’t walk and grab this product today! #surfacehair #hairhealthart #surfacetrinity #lovemysurfacehair #ittakesapro #wherebeautyshops #americansalon #modernsalon #behindthechair #organichaircare

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Fall in love with your hair🍃 @surfacehairhealth Trinity Repair Tonic is a must have to give you your best hair! Strengthen hair without weighing it down. This protein packed spray is so lightweight even the finest of hair can use it! Use damp and even reapply on dry hair! Use a flat iron to seal the protein to your hair for longer lasting strength and protection. Stylist tip: use 15-20 mist on dry hair before color to reduce color usage and even out porosity. Such a must have as we start adding richness to hair color this fall season🍂 #surfacehair #surfacetrinity #lovemysurfacehair #hairhealthart #ittakesapro #wherebeautyshops #organichaircare #modernsalon #behindthechair #americansalon #ecosalon #greenbeauty

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