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Last updated: January 03, 2022

How To Fix A Dry Scalp With One Trick

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Try This Trick To Fix Dry Scalps In 3 Simple Steps

When we spot a juicy video or a hot tip that could change your life behind the chair, we simply have to share! BTC Team Member Stevie Meech (@hairbystevie) posted a quickie solution for fixing a dry scalp with a fast treatment service that works in and out of the salon, plus one thing clients MUST avoid. Read it all below!



Who is the ideal client for this treatment?

For clients with psoriasis, dandruff, itchy and oily scalps, slow growth and hair loss—regular scalp care is KEY. Even if a client doesn’t have scalp issues, maintaining a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair.


For Stevie’s go-to scalp service, she reaches for the Surface Awaken line. This care and treatment system creates a healthier scalp, and addresses itchiness and oiliness. Not only does this service stimulate, cool and calm the scalp, but it also boosts visible, healthy hair growth.



Here’s how it works:


1. Prep hair by washing and conditioning with scalp-friendly products, like Surface Awaken Shampoo and Conditioner.


2. Spray the Surface Awaken Scalp Elixir and rub into the scalp. This step stimulates the scalp and speeds up the delivery of D-Biotin, vital nutrients and essential micro minerals to the cellular rejuvenation zone of hair. This helps support the process of cellular generation for a healthy scalp and hair.


3. Apply Surface Awaken Therapeutic Treatment and rub into the scalp. Recommend that clients repeat this fast treatment twice a day at home to calm and cool the scalp, while helping with itchiness and oiliness.


Watch The How-To Quickie Below

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Pro Tip: Dry Scalp? Don’t Air-Dry!

If a client is struggling with dryness or any scalp issues, suggest that they NEVER air-dry their hair. Instead, dry it immediately. “I personally struggle with scalp issues and if I don’t blow-dry, I pay for it,” says Stevie.

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