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Last updated: July 08, 2024

Get to Know the Brand Behind Miami Swim Week’s Hair Looks

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RG Cosmetics founder Roberta using LUXURY On Set backstage

BTC Editors joined RG Cosmetics at Miami Swim Week: The Shows 2024 to get a behind-the-scenes look at how their team styled 70+ models each day of the four-day weekend. RG was the main hair sponsor for The Shows (a collective fashion show that showcases around 60 swimwear designers), where they worked with Beauty Director Axel Vasquez Constanza (@axelmakeupartist) to conceptualize and style (using exclusively RG products) the looks for each runway show.


Ahead, we’re sharing everything we saw backstage plus, what hair professionals should know about the innovative Brazilian haircare brand.


1. Here’s What to Know About the Brand’s Product Offerings:

RG Cosmetics is a family-owned, 95 percent women-ran haircare brand founded by hairstylist and trichologist Roberta Gomes (@therealrobertagomes). The professional haircare brand boasts six collections designed to be used and sold in the salon.


Here are RG’s current collections:


  • Hair B…Collection: A restorative hair collection formulated to target damage and revive dull, over-processed hair
  • CC Line: A color correction collection designed to eliminate brassiness in blondes by depositing silver pigment
  • Collagen Collection: A three-product line infused with collagen to revitalize, strengthen, thicken and restore hair
  • Copacabana:  A smoothing line with keratin, vitamins and amino acids to improve manageability and deliver smooth, glossy, healthy-looking hair
  • Chemical Protection: A science-backed duo of products made from an organic compound to protect hair from harsh chemicals found in most lightening products
  • Amazon Advanced: An Amazon Rainforest-sourced line that uses powerful oil extracts to target different scalp-related issues
Photo courtesy of RG Cosmetics

More than a haircare brand, RG Cosmetics fixes issues where they start—the scalp. Click here for more info.


2. Here are the Products That Were Used on Miami Swim Week Models:

RG Cosmetics brand new line LUXURY On Set made its debut at Miami Swim Week before it launches in fall 2024. The seven-piece collection is designed to provide lightweight but long-lasting hold on any style and texture.


Each model committed to wearing one hairstyle a day throughout multiple fashion shows. So the products had to be strong enough to help the styles last down multiple runways outside in the scorching Miami heat—and they did just that.


The new LUXURY On Set collection includes these products:

  • On Set Magic Blow-Dry 
  • On Set Fix & Hold Hairspray
  • On Set Heat Protectant
  • On Set Glow Serum
  • On Set Styling Wax
  • On Set Fix & Mold Powder 
  • On Set Curls Activator
RG Cosmetics founder Roberta using LUXURY On Set backstage

3. What to Know About RG’s Manufacturing System:

Unlike most haircare brands, RG manufactures their products in-house and manages their distribution system, ensuring top-quality products and eliminating their carbon footprint. The brand has two manufacturing facilities in Pompano Beach, Florida and Brazil to cater to their ever-growing international salon clientele.


4. How to Become a Trichologist With RG Cosmetics:

Are you a licensed cosmetologist who wants to become a Trichologist? RG Cosmetics offers a certification course that reinforces you as an expert in all things hair and scalp. Here’s how to become a scalpcare specialist:


  1. Receive trichology training from RG Cosmetics. Click here for more info.
  2. Offer the Amazon Advanced collection at retail and your backbar.
  3. Perform client scalp consultations and analyses using RG’s camera and consultation system.
  4. Customize a scalp treatment plan using Amazon Advanced’s products.


The entire Amazon Advanced Collection

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