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Last updated: March 04, 2021

4 Blowout Tips To Make Volume Last

Tips To Get Long-Lasting Blow-Dry Results

The blowout is BACK! After a year of hanging in our homes, clients are ready for big, bouncy blowouts again—bonus points if those blowouts last for DAYS. Get four tips for longlasting, voluminous blowouts that are great for styling clients OR for prepping updos, and watch Dawn McKee (@dawnsurfacehair), Surface Hair Artistic Ambassador, teach her best blowout and updo prep tips in the video above!


1. Keep moisture and shine in a long-lasting blowout.

Every time you touch the hair, you steal moisture away, which contributes to flat, limp hair and roughed-up cuticles. “Always have something on your hands when you are working,” Dawn recommends.


For updos or wave separation, she works with Surface Shift Shine Wax on her hands, or for voluminous blowouts, go for Surface Bassu Oil. “These are great for shine, but they also protect her hair from me,” Dawn explained.


Another pro tip: “Reboot” a blowout with the Surface Blowout Dry Oil Spray. It adds moisture back into the hair’s cortex, giving the hair memory so it bounces back. 


wavy blonde hair
On the left side of this “day-old hair” doll head, Dawn sprayed Blowout Dry Oil Spray to give polish, shine and reduce frizz. On the right, no product was used.


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2. Perfect the round brush technique.

For a healthy, airy wave, use a round brush and alternate the direction of the round brush waves. Dawn keeps the hair in the section on the top 2 inches of the brush. As she unwraps and twists the hair into a “tornado” spiral, the section is already starting to cool as it comes off of the brush.


Check out this cute, bouncy bob!

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3. Dry shampoo versus dry conditioner: Know the difference.

Both products are crucial for a bouncy blowout, because they target totally different areas.


For the scalp: When Dawn is giving a blowout, she adds Surface Trinity Dry Shampoo to the roots, because it starts the style with a clean scalp and can help prevent oil buildup.

For the hair: To give the hair hydration and style memory, she sprays Surface Blowout Dry Oil Spray, which acts as a dry conditioning oil.


4. Try the three-finger backcomb.

Whether you’re blowdrying to prep for a voluminous updo or just want a little more va-va-voom, try this three-finger backcomb trick. Find the parietal ridge, take a section of hair there, and then hold the section directly upright. Insert your hand like a rake or comb in the middle of the section, then push down three times to give a loose backcomb. Lay the section back down and check out the instant volume!


Try the three-finger backcomb to add volume.


Before a strong blowout and updo styling, and AFTER! WOW!

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