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Last updated: June 15, 2017

7 Majorly Important Things Nioxin Taught Us About Fine And Thinning Hair

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When the fine and thinning hair pros at Nioxin invited us ‘round for a few cocktails and some important updates, the only appropriate response was, “Be right there.” Because Nioxin won the BTC Stylist Choice Award for Favorite Thinning Hair line for 16 consecutive years! And Nioxin is the first brand to be endorsed by the UK Institute of Trichology—an über-serious center where all things pertaining to the hair and scalp are studied. So clearly, they know their way around a hair follicle. And…time well spent. We came away with tons of new knowledge about the subject and about Nioxin. Check ’em out below!


Forty-six percent of Americans would rather lose 25 percent of their salary than 25 percent of their hair!
This stat speaks volumes. As does this one—a full 75 percent of clients worry about losing their hair. If you think thinning hair doesn’t matter to your clients, think again. It’s an obsession. And nobody is in a better place to help than hairdressers.


Nioxin’s Frank Andrate, Christine McCarver and Manny San Martin share insights into thinning hair.


You can be the source of “hopeful” hair.
With specialized cutting, styling and coloring techniques, and with the right products, stylists can give clients hope by providing fullness in their hair. But these conversations don’t come easily, and in order to be the go-to for the fine friends, you must be schooled and confident. One option is Nioxin’s Professional Education for Thinning Hair, which teaches stylists how to handle hair thinning and hair loss. Their educational approach is built on the Mind, Heart, Skills approach–opening minds for a deeper understanding of hair and scalp science, engaging hearts to make a positive emotional impact on every salon client and developing skills to elevate the craft of cut, care and styling for thinning hair. Check out for classes and online education info.


Oh baby!
New moms comprise a huge portion of the thinning hair market, which is probably no surprise if you’ve had kids, or if you’ve had clients with kids. In fact, 75 percent of new moms notice more hair shedding after giving birth. The reason for post-partum thinning is that the high estrogen levels present during pregnancy causes more hair to shift into the growing stage and less in the shedding stage. Then, about six weeks after delivery, the previously elevated hair growth rate falls as many of the follicles shift to the shedding stage at the same time. Also, during pregnancy the hair shaft diameter can increase and after birth, it may revert to normal, which gives the perception of thinning hair. Finally, new moms may be preoccupied, to say the least, and shampoo less frequently, which can negatively affect hair and scalp health. Cue the “I’m losing my hair” freak-out! That hair will eventually return, but Nioxin can help make the hair look fuller and thicker while it’s growing out.


Fine strands can also be bulky if the client has high density hair.


Sides matter.
According to Nioxin Educator Manny San Martin, hair on the sides tends to be finer and weaker, and after a certain point, may not grow much longer. Plus, those side sections tend to arc upward along the hairline, and be much finer than other areas of the head. So if someone is trying to grow their hair out, the back will probably grow much quicker. The fix? Take these side sections shorter to help strengthen them and make them look fuller.


See how Manny creates this cut for the “fine hair but a lot of it” client.


Fine hair needs its own dry shampoo.
And come July, Nioxin lovers will be able to absorb excess oil and boost hair so it’s twice as full with the new Instant Fullness Dry Shampoo. It features something called Fusion Fibral Technology with two absorption particles—tapioca starch and silica—to minimize scalp sebum and fatten individual strands. It comes in full and travel size, and Manny recommends spritzing it on throughout the day to perk up hair and scalp. (It feels tingly fresh and smells lovely.) “Think of it as blotting paper for the scalp,” he says.


See how feather-light Nioxin Instant Fullness Dry Shampoo soaks up oil in this illuminating demonstration.


About helmet hair.
Does your client like to ride? Motorcycle and bicycle helmets can make a hairline more fragile. And, using a heavy styling product will flatten out helmet hair and make it look greasy. Manny recommends Nioxin Diamax Advanced as a foundation for all styling because it thickens the diameter of every hair and he says, “You gotta get up to get down.” Then, avoid oil- or petroleum-based styling products, which will weigh down fine hair and really exacerbate helmet smash. Finally, a quick spritz of Instant Fullness Dry Shampoo will revive helmet hair pronto.


Boost the bob.
A bob is often a go-to haircut for fine hair—the blunt edges make strands look fuller and thicker. But a limp bob doesn’t do clients any favors. To style a bob for maximum oomph, it’s all about the small round brush. First apply Nioxin Therm Activ Protector to damp hair and comb thru. Next, work in Nioxin Bodifying Foam with fingers. Starting at the nape, divide the hair into narrow horizontal sections. Dry each section with a small round brush, lifting at the roots for maximum volume. Continue working up the sides in this manner. If she has a fringe, dry it with a comb to prevent the bangs from looking too poofy.


Hairlines can be compromised when clients wear helmets on a regular basis.

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