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Last updated: January 09, 2019

WATCH: Blowout Brush Set

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WATCH: Blowout Brush Set

You can’t impress your client on your color skills alone if you don’t take the time to finish her hair perfectly—that’s why BTC Team member Liz Haven O’Neill (creator of the strandlights color technique!) developed this major blowout set that guarantees max volume and body that lasts for DAYS.



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@lizhaven’s Blowout Brush Set

1. Wash the hair with SEVEN® haircare KENTE BOND shampoo and conditioner to optimize moisture retention and aid in creating disulphide bonds (always a good thing, but especially after a color service!).


2. Towel-dry the hair and apply SEVEN SATARA seal spray (to seal the cuticle and lock in moisture), then KENTE BOND reparative spray (to reduce blow-dry time and ensure ongoing hair health.


Pro Tip: Liz does NOT rough-dry the hair before she starts the blowout. Why?

“Hydrogen bonds are the most important factor to a blowout. Once they are shaped with heat and set by eliminating water/moisture, they essentially set and lock into that shape,” Liz explains. “If I rough-dry, my personal theory is that I am setting some hydrogen bonds in a rough or frizzy state. In my opinion, I get a way smoother outcome when I blow-dry from wet to dry.”


3. Begin the blowout at the nape using your favorite round brushes—Liz prefers Paul Mitchell Express Ion Round Brushes in large and extra large. Each section should be no denser than the bristles of the brush and no larger than the diameter of the brush.



4. Generally (depending on the client’s head shape and size), Liz works in this method:

  • Two sections at the nape
  • Three sections at the occipital
  • Four sections at the parietal ridge
  • At the top, organically section as you work to cater to the client’s part (typically three to four sections)


Pro Tip: Liz does NOT pre-section the hair before she begins. Why?

“Through trial and error I have found that parting as I go works best,” she shares. “If I grid the sections out first, I have found that when I reach the top, some of the hair on the preset partings will begin to dry. This is undesirable because it creates unwanted ‘breaks’ in the overall finished look.”



5. Blow-dry each section until it’s 80 percent dry at the highest heat and fastest speed on the dryer, then spray with SEVEN CUBICA Working Spray. Continue to blow-dry the section until it’s 100 percent dry. Remember to direct the airflow quickly and not let the heat sit too long on one spot.



6. When the section is totally dry, roll the brush into the hair like a roller. Leave the brush in the hair and move on to the next section.


7. When the entire head is completely rolled, spray all over with Working Spray. Let the set completely cool. “At this point, the hydrogen bonds are locked in, creating a look that will last for days,” Liz says.



8. After the head is totally cool, begin unrolling each section in the order in which you rolled (so start at the nape). Use your hands to unroll and smooth each section.


9. When the entire head is unrolled, use your hands to rake through the sections to blend them. Finish with more Working Spray if desired.




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