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Last updated: January 31, 2020

Tips & Tactics For Staying Busy During Slower Times

Tips Tactics For Staying Busy During The Slower Times Go Hard On Social Media Get Out In Your Community Offer Specials And Discounts
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How To Stay Busy When Business Is Slower Than Normal

Ah, the winter slump. Clients frantically squeeze in an appointment before the holidays which means business tends to be slower than normal in January and February. Sound familiar? Below, we’re sharing tips and tactics from both BTC Team boss babes and our IG followers that’ll help you stay busy. Keep scrolling to see what ideas they shared!


Go HARD On Social Media

Now is the time to really dedicate yourself to your Instagram. Not only do you finally have the time for it BUT it’ll also help get clients in the door. Win-win. BTC Team Member Gina Bianca (@iamginabianca) says to post both on your feed and on stories every day while fellow BTC Team Member Carly Zanoni (@the.blonde.chronicles) says to, “Do tons of stories about products. Maybe do some before and afters. Explain how a glossing appointment can help. Remind clients that they need to come see you!


Tips Tactics For Staying Busy During The Slower Times Go Hard On Social Media Get Out In Your Community Offer Specials And Discounts
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Other ideas involving social media:


  • “Start taking models and do your best work, have photo shoots and build your online presence. There is no downtime when you are running a business. Use your time wisely and be wise with your money…Online action is your best resource. It may not provide fruit in the next week or two but it will in the long term and that’s what you want for a lasting career.” – 


  • “Social media contest/giveaways for products and treatments (redeemed at your next color apt).” – BTC Team Member Lo Wheeler (@lo_wheelerdavis)


  • “Have a few friends be models for you! Create styles on them for Instagram and keep posting content! 🙌 Social media is your best friend.” – @lcbeautyy_ 


  • “I would start using your Instagram stories for future promotions. If you just saw your clients right before the holidays for haircolor, then it’s a little too early to ask them to come in for color services but give them a timeframe like the last week or two of the month to come in for treatments and glosses…” – @nikkicolorsnyc 


Get Out In Your Community

BTC Team Member Liz Haven O’Neill’s (@lizhaven) go-to tactic for getting clients in her chair is to be present in her community. “It can be as simple as visiting your local hotspots (coffee shops, boutiques, Sephora) to finding the fun things your community is putting together like farmers markets or concerts,” shares Liz. And if she sees someone with hair that inspires her, she’ll hand them a card that says, “Your hair inspires me. Will you be my client?” Then, she’ll share her ideas for their hair and direct them to her IG. But be sure to have business cards on hand, too!


And don’t forget about the online communities! Gina recommends using Facebook community pages to stand out in your community: “It’s an amazing place to connect with people who are potential clients. Add value to the groups and build credibility!”



Run A Special

Clients LOVE freebies and deals, which is why Carly offers a free deep conditioning service with any color appointment. “It costs you virtually nothing and your clients will feel like they got a special treat,” she says. Here are some other genius ideas to try:


  • “I sometimes run a special for babylights or highlights. People feel more ‘blah’ in the winter so I try to appeal to those clients who want a quick brightening up.” – @elizabethgarciagaxiola 


  • “I give a 20% discount to all color clients (only color, not cut) in January and February. It makes my clients happy to be getting a break on $$$ and it helps me be booked.” – @themrs2017 


  • “Offer clients $10 back to post/tag a hair selfie BEFORE CHECK OUT. Post must be active for 72 hours.” Lo Wheeler


  • “Offer deep conditioning treatments and blowouts for those balayage clients to keep their hair healthy in the winter months!” – @onesweetbirdy


  • “I really try and utilize any slow times by offering additional services to the clients already booked. Waxing, glosses, deep conditioning services and so on. You’d be amazed how quickly it will boost your sales.” – @heynicehair13


  • “I suggest you offer a money piece retouch for January or February. Talk them into a fresh gloss after X weeks and set the appointment at the front desk.” –


And even though it’s technically the end of January now, just remember:

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