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October 9, 2018

WATCH: @lo_wheelerdavis’ Balayage + Toning Technique

Blonding & Toning How-To: Partial Foil Retouch + Sun-Kissed Balayage

Whether you’re touching up her roots with a partial foil retouch or lightening up the face-frame with sun-kissed balayage, the secret to making your blondes lighter, brighter and brass-free is toning. So we went live from Wheeler Davis Salon in San Clemente, Calif., to learn how BTC Team Member Lo Wheeler Davis (@lo_wheelerdavis) neutralizes her signature blondes to the ideal base. (Hint: She pre-tones with SEVEN haircare RINZU® HELIO Violet Shampoo!) Watch the entire video below for the how-tos, then keep scrolling for the finished looks and Lo’s formulas!

Products Used


Watch The Video How-To Below


Check out the finished looks below and tap the beaker for the formulas!

  • Formula A:

    Kenra Professional Classic Lightener + 20-volume developer

  • Formula B:

    Kenra Professional Kenra Color Demi-Permanent 7NA + 9-volume developer

  • Formula A:

    Kenra Professional Simply Blonde Blue Powder Lightener + 30-volume developer

  • Formula B:

    Kenra Professional Kenra Color Demi-Permanent 10V + 9-volume developer


Want a sneak peek at our content creation day with Lo & SEVEN haircare? Watch the video below!

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