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Last updated: March 19, 2019

3 Styling Tips For Beachy Balayage

Lo Wheeler Davis IGK Hair Beachy Blonde Balayage Hair Painting Styling Waves Tips
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Instagram via @lo_wheelerdavis

How To Maintain Fresh Feelin’ Balayage & Beachy Texture
New balayage, who dis? Lo Wheeler Davis (@lo_wheelerdavis) is known for painting beachy balayage on pro surfers, Instagram models and Cali babes at her salon Wheeler Davis Salon—one of the top blonding spots in Orange County! So we’re dishing out Lo’s best tips for maintaining and styling beach-worthy blondes. But why? The raddest haircolor still needs maintenance, especially if your clients want that tousled texture without the frizz. Keep scrollin’ for three color-friendly styling tips below.


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1. Coconut Oils: Fractionated v. Food Grade—Why It Matters!

Warning: DIY blogs might be telling your clients to use coconut oil on their hair—here’s how you should respond. Explain to them, especially if they have chemically treated or thermal-styled hair, the differences between oil-infused hair products and actual coconut oil…and why it can create damaging effects.


  • Food Grade: “The molecule size [of coconut oil] is too large to absorb into the hair cuticle,” says Lo. “The oil sits on the surface of the hair as build-up OR even worser—the large molecules collect in weak points of the hair creating breakage!”
  • Fractionated: “This process refines the oil so that it can absorb into the hair and treat with all its many moisturizing properties,” shares Lo. She recommends Mistress Hydrating Balm by IGK Hair for its super lightweight coconut-based formula that minimizes frizz for silky results on color-treated hair.


Lo Wheeler Davis IGK Hair Beachy Blonde Balayage Hair Painting Styling Waves Tips
Instagram via @lo_wheelerdavis



2. Keep Balayage Beachy, Not Frizzy
What’s the line between beachy and frizzy texture? “Being right along the Pacific coastline, fighting frizz can be a real challenge because of all the moisture in the air,” dishes Lo. That’s why Lo uses Speechless Dry Oil Finishing Spray to enhance her hand-painted blondes, smooth out frizz and create high-shine dimensional color.


And for total frizz control, Lo recommends Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray. “Sounds like a something I would order from a juice bar…but it’s actually a keratin-like treatment in a can,” says Lo. Apply to damp hair, even after fresh color, and blow-dry to seal in with heat. Then carry on styling with thermal tools!


Instagram via @lo_wheelerdavis


3. When To Apply Dry Shampoo For Clean & Tousled Texture
Don’t wait until hair is already dirty to apply dry shampoo. Instead, take preventive action. “By using dry shampoo on clean hair, it keeps oils form traveling down the hair shaft and creating a stringy look,” dishes Lo. Suggest clients apply a little Jet Lag by IGK Hair every day instead of applying a ton on day three or four. This will also prevent those sneaky baby hairs from sticking to their faces after a few nights between washes.


Lo Wheeler Davis IGK Hair Beachy Blonde Balayage Hair Painting Styling Waves Tips
Instagram via @lo_wheelerdavis


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