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Last updated: July 17, 2020

Your Client’s Guide To Summer Hair Damage Repair

Your Client's Guide To Summer Hair Damage Repair Haircare Products Chlorine Salt Water Sun Damage Thermal Styling
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A Helpful Summer Haircare Guide For Your Clients

Chlorine, salt water and the sun are just three things than can wreck havoc on your client’s hair this summer. So we put together a guide to summer hair damage repair that identifies what warm weather factors cause the most damage, how it affects the hair PLUS what products will help dry strands and breakage. Check it out below, then screenshot and share with your clientele!


Chlorine/Pool Water

  • Its Effect On The Hair: Not only do the chemicals in chlorine leave hair feeling dry and brittle but it can also turn blonde strands green.


  •  What Clients Should Do: Apply a treatment or leave-in to their hair before taking a dip in the pool, then rinse with a detox or clarifying shampoo when they wash their hair later.


  • What Products To Use (Blondes): Before getting in the water, apply L’ANZA Healing Haircare Healing Blonde Blonde Rescue because it replenishes moisture, protects haircolor AND guards against UV rays. Then, later shampoo with Moroccanoil® Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo to refresh/tone blonde strands without drying them out.


  • What Products To Use (Non Blondes): IGK Hair Blocked Water-Resistant Hair Shield seals the cuticle with a blend of water-resistant natural waxes and balm mint extract to protect wet hair, so apply this before getting in the pool. Then, rinse later with SEVEN haircare Cubica® CLARIFY shampoo to eliminate buildup and chemicals from the hair.



Salt Water

  • Its Effect On The Hair: Salt water contributes to frizz, dries out the hair AND can damage the cuticle.


  • What Clients Should Do: Apply a treatment or leave-in to the hair before getting in the ocean, then rinse with water after they get out and apply an air dry cream to encourage their natural ocean hair.


  • What Products To Use: Prep the hair with Framesi Professional Color Lover Primer 11 Intense before getting in the ocean to add a layer of protection that repairs damage, fights frizz and deposits maximum moisture into the hair. Then, rinse with water after and apply either Joico Zero Heat Air Dry Styling Crème—a timesaving crème that reduces drying time for long-lasting air-dried styles and 24-hour humidity control—or R+Co DREAMHOUSE Cold Pressed Watermelon Wave Spray, a multitasking mist that moisturizes, protects hair, helps enhance color and accentuates natural waves. 


Your Client's Guide To Summer Hair Damage Repair Haircare Products Chlorine Salt Water Sun Damage Thermal Styling
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash



  • Its Effect On The Hair: UV rays dull haircolor, dry out strands, potentially cause damage AND can result in a scalp burn.


  • What Clients Should Do: Apply a sun protecting product before heading outside and use a scalp treatment weekly.


  • What Products To Use: Before stepping outside, prep the hair with Revlon Professional EQUAVE™ Sun Protection Detangling Conditioner, which is a leave-in that protects the hair against damaged caused by the sun’s rays and revitalizes the hair fiber. Then, for the ultimate scalp care, use Virtue® Exfoliating Scalp Treatment weekly to gently detoxify the scalp of buildup and impurities while also treating the scalp and hair to residue-free conditioning.


Air Conditioning

  • Its Effect On The Hair: Believe it or not, air conditioning leaves the hair super dry. 


  • What Clients Should Do: Use deep conditioners and/or leave-in treatments/sprays regularly.


  • What Products To Use: Once a week, treat the hair to either Pureology Hydrate Superfood Treatment to moisturize and soften dry, damaged strands with an indulgent mask that is formulated with natural ingredients and essential nutrients OR use MIZANI Moisture Fusion Intense Moisturizing Mask, a conditioning treatment that revives dull curls and coils while fighting frizz.



Hard Water

  • Its Effect On The Hair: Hard water, aka the water that comes out of a shower head, is full of minerals and a buildup of them contributes to faster color fading, dryness and frizz.


  • What Clients Should Do: Use a color protecting product prior to showering and invest in a filter for their shower head.


  • What Products To Use: Apply amika Fadeblock Pre-Shampoo Color Seal before stepping in the shower because this treatment seals the cuticle and balances the hair’s pH levels to protect color from wash-related fading. Then, also use a color reviving mask like Alfaparf Milano Reparative Mask because it is formulated to intensively revive color while ensuring that the pigment in the mixture remains perfectly unaltered.


Your Client's Guide To Summer Hair Damage Repair Haircare Products Chlorine Salt Water Sun Damage Thermal Styling
Photo by Angelo Pantazis on Unsplash


Thermal Damage

  • Its Effect On The Hair: Heat styling tools can be extra harmful in the summer when hair is more compromised from other factors (like the ones mentioned above).


  • What Clients Should Do: Embrace heatless, air-dried styles and styles like braids, high ponies and topknots.


  • What Products To Use: Style the hair with Matrix Biolage Styling Airdry Glotion so it dries naturally and quickly without the use of heat, then treat damaged ends with Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure® Peptide Repair Rescue Sealed Ends, a lightweight balm that gently envelops each strand in a smooth cocoon and nourishes porous ends to prevent breakage.


Hairline Breakage

  • Its Effect On The Hair: When the weather gets hot, clients usually toss their hair up in a high pony or topknot. But the strain it can put on the hair (depending on how often she wears her hair like this) can result in breakage along the hairline. 


  • What Clients Should Do: Use a shampoo and conditioner that is designed to strengthen the hair and recommend she add low ponies, low buns and braids into her summer styling rotation.


  • What Products To Use: TIGI Copyright©olour Custom Care™ Repair Shampoo & Conditioner—it offers heat protection, up to 96% less breakage and smooths out external damage.

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