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Last updated: November 30, 2018

Give Your Clients This Guide To Keeping Hair Summer-Healthy☀️💦

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Screenshot & Send This Summer Haircare Guide To Your Clients
Summer is in full effect and your clients are at risk of damaging their haircolor and extensions (scary, we know!). Before they start coming to you with complaints about breakage and brass, be proactive and educate them on how to keep hair summer-healthy. BTC Team Member Lo Wheeler Davis (@lo_wheelerdavis) is breaking down this client-comprehensive guide to summer haircare, so print this out or screenshot and send to anyone who leaves your chair—their sun-kissed strands will thank you! 



1. End Every Pool Day Like This

  • Okay, so we know you’re going to hit the pool with the squad, but don’t let chlorine damage ruin that beautiful balayage or blonde. This is your new summer mantra: RINSE, RINSE & RINSE.
  • Why? “After you exit the pool, a good clean rinse in the shower will start the process of removing the chlorine from your hair,” dishes Lo. “In fact, it’s a good idea to rinse your hair often with clean water while swimming to keep flushing the chlorine and chemicals out.”


2. Don’t Be Salty…Use This Post-Ocean Haircare Tip

  • Salt, sand and sea—summer goals, right?! Yes, but this combo will leave hair feeling dehydrated so it’s important to nourish strands and prevent damage prior to hitting the beach.
  • How? Lo recommends using a leave-in conditioner to protect hair from salt water’s dehydrating effects, then cleansing with the right wash line directly after swimming in the ocean. Keep scrolling for the perfect summer shampoo-conditioner combo below.


3. You Use Sunscreen, Right? Add Hair Protection To Your Summer Lifestyle

Avoid allowing chlorine or salt to build up in your hair—this is causing any breakage or brassiness you’re seeing in selfies. Since we’re the pros and we know your hair needs the best, please listen up when we recommend treatments. Don’t leave the salon without these summer refreshers and must-haves:

  • Anti-Oxidative Shampoo & Conditioner – Protect and clarify after sun exposure and swimming to remove any chemicals from the hair.
  • Leave-In Treatments – Start or finish a day in the sun, at the pool or the beach with an ultra-conditioning treatment to keep hair hydrated and prevent damage. 
  • Clarifying Scrub – Prevent buildup and impurities from clinging to your strands by removing pollutants from your hair. The Kenra Professional Deep Detox Scrub (see below!) uses activated charcoal to detoxify and diamond dust to deflect pollutants. 


Here’s a poolside product cocktail from the all-new Kenra Professional Platinum Detox & Deflect line that will condition and protect hair from harsh weather elements, sun exposure and chemical buildup all summer long:

summer haircare beach pool blonde balayage tips guide kenra detox deflect line


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