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Last updated: January 11, 2022

Dear Clients…10 Things We Wish You Knew

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Ever wish you could hand your clients a list of rules they had to follow? That’s why Lo Wheeler Davis (@lo_wheelerdavis)owner of Wheeler Davis Salon in Orange County, Calif.—is breaking down what stylists really want from their clients, and they’re relatable AF. Check out what made the list below, then screenshot and share with your clientele…or at least your BFFs in the salon.



1. Trust Your Stylist
It’s our job to keep you looking your best. If you doubt us, we’ll begin to doubt ourselves and the work will suffer. A successful appointment relies on clear communication and trusting our process.


2. Be On Time
The later you show up, the less time we have to work our hair magic.


3. Refer Your Friends
Don’t keep us a secret. Drop our name and spread the word—you’ll become invaluable if we’re connected to your network of friends and family.



4. Leave A Positive Review
We love that you love your hair, so please share your positive experience by leaving a review! This shows us that you appreciate our hard work by helping us keep our business buzzing. We’ll thank you with an EXTRA long scalp massage…or maybe even a conditioning treatment.


5. Tip Well
The way you tip shows us how you value our worth. We promise that we’ll always go above and beyond to give you the best result for the fairest dollar amount, and we hope your tip reflects the quality of our time and work.


6. Invest In Stylist-Recommended Products
You wouldn’t wash your hair with dish soap, right? Don’t let our hard work go to waste by using cheap products in between salon visits—it discourages us from going the extra mile. The more you invest in your hair, the more your stylist will invest in you.


7. Please Don’t Play Hairdresser
Show, don’t tell. Bring in photos that show what you DO and DON’T want in a consultation, but please don’t attempt speaking in “hairdresser terms” because it just causes confusion. After you clearly communicate your wants and needs, we will find the perfect solution for you—it’s our job!


8. Leave The Kids At Home
Are your children receiving services in the salon? If not, leave them at home—especially, during those three-hour color appointments. Your kids will hate being cooped up during those long hours, and will create a stressful, distracting environment for everyone in the salon. Call a sitter, and we’ll see them at THEIR next haircut.



9. Clear Your Schedule
Rushing your stylist causes unnecessary stress and errors. Things happen and sometimes it takes longer than expected to give you the best results possible, so please give us enough time to keep your hair happy and healthy. 


10. Tag Your Stylists On Insta
We want to see your good hair days, so please tag and share! Maybe we’ll even repost you on our page.


Extra Credit
Stylists run on caffeine, so bring us coffee and we’ll be EXTRA ambitious with your hair!

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