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Last updated: January 09, 2020

Give Your Clients This Guide For At-Home Extension Care

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An Extension Care Guide For Clients

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hand your extension clients (especially those trying ‘em for the first time) a helpful cheat sheet that makes at-home extension care that much easier? Now you can! Because we compiled a list of the tips that Hairtalk® Master Educator and Platform Artist Alicia Iannone (@liciebaby) shares with her clients—check out her advice below, then screenshot and share with your clientele!

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8 At-Home Care Tips For Extension Clients

1. Sleep with your hair in a high pony (and secure with a scrunchie!) to prevent dents.


2. If your hair is curled, twist it all up in a clip on top of the head and spray the perimeter with a texture spray to prevent the curls from getting flat/oily overnight. 


3. Brush your hair after a gym session and apply some dry shampoo.


4. Brush your hair before you wash it to help remove any tangles. 


5. If you find your hair doesn’t feel totally clean after you wash it or if your styles aren’t lasting, it’s because you’re only shampooing it once. You have more hair now so you’ll need to do two or three rounds of shampoo.


6. Use sulfate-free shampoo on the scalp only. If you feel like your hair needs some extra moisture, it’s OK to apply conditioner but only on the ends. Then, be sure to rinse well to prevent residue from laying near the tabs.


7. The Hairtalk® Extension Brush should only be used on dry hair while the WetBrush® Original Detangler and WetBrush® Time Release Detangler combo is for wet hair. [Note: Alicia sends her clients home with all three.]


8. Prep hair with a smoothing cream or blow-dry lotion and then blow-dry the hair with a round brush until it’s about 90 percent dry.



BONUS! 3 Tips For Stylists

1. Alicia says about eight out of 10 clients don’t know how to properly brush their hair, so take the time to show them how to hold the hair and to explain why they should brush from the bottom up.


2. When it comes to the blow-dry, there are three things you should teach clients: how to section, how to rough dry until it’s 90 percent dry AND how to prevent tangling and pulling by using a round brush to dry the ends first before blowing out the root. “I offer two blowout package specials to clients with extensions,” shares Alicia. “If they come back saying they had a hard time blowing out their hair, I offer them a complimentary blowout appointment where I teach them step-by-step what to do.”


3. Send your clients home with a haircare set to ensure they use products that are safe for their extensions. Alicia says she sends her clients home with a Hairtalk® Extension Brush, the WetBrush® Original Detangler, the WetBrush® Time Release Detangler and a smoothing cream or blow-dry lotion. Hairtalk® also has an Essential Haircare Set that’s the perfect retail item for extension clients because it includes a shampoo, a conditioner, a conditioning masque and the Pocket Extension Brush.


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