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Last updated: July 18, 2019

Extension Certification Just Got Easier

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By now, you probably have your own list of reasons why you love Dreamcatchers. The hair extension company offers four different extension systems of 100 percent human hair at competitive prices; it doesn’t use damaging glues, waxes, tape or clips; the quality of the hair allows it to be styled, permed and colored the same as a client’s natural hair; and this is the company that actually sends YOU clients!


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But here’s a new reason to love the brand—they’re now offering online certification! The new online certification program includes various videos that take you through every extension scenario imaginable, starting with the consultation. Along the way, you get expert tips, tricks and advice for every stage of the hair extension process.




 So what are you waiting for?! Long, luscious locks, happy clients and more money in your pocket are just a few clicks away! Sign up today!

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