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Last updated: December 03, 2018

Tape-In Extensions 101: Installation, Business & Maintenance Tips

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Read The Tips, Watch The Video & Take The Quiz To Master Tape-Ins
Tape-in extensions are an easy, timesaving solution for a variety of client needs—dramatic transformations, color-sensitive, fine or thinning hair—plus they’re a total moneymaker behind the chair! But if your goal is to offer more in-salon extension services, the first step is proving to clients that you’re an expert. Here’s how!


Donna Bella Hair Master Educators Baelee Reiter (@inbaeleeschair) and Gina Bianca (@the_hair_doctor) went live from the BTC House to teach a 90-minute tape-in course, aka an easy opportunity to earn your online certificate in mastering extension work—access anywhere, anytime by clicking HERE! Before you become a pro, scroll for some tape-in biz basics to get you started!


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1. Introduce Extension Services With A Consultation
Gina starts every appointment with a very thorough consultation that breaks down both pricing and at-home maintenance requirements. Ask newer clients and extension first-timers to fill out a form and answer these questions:

  • Have you ever box-dyed your hair, if so, when was the last time?
  • Does your home have well water?
  • How often do you like to get your hair done?
  • What does your lifestyle look like? Do you exercise, swim or sweat often?


2. Installation Pricing & Scheduling Maintenance Appointments

Here’s everything you need to know about starting to offer tape-in extension services: 

  • How To Price:
    • Avoid charging hourly for tape-in installation because the service itself is quick and this will diminish its value.
    • Gina recommends factoring in the price of two packs of tape-in wefts, installation time and charging for the time it takes to cut and blend.
  • Maintenance Appointments:
    • Tape-ins can last for a few months, so offer additional services in between with slightly lower prices for maintenance or reinstalling the hair.
    • These services generally consist of a full removal of the tape-ins, reapplying new adhesive, clarifying the wefts and your client’s hair separately. Then, complete reinstallation of the hair and a blowout or style.
  • Enhance Color Services:
    • Add tape-in extension services with built-in highlights or balayage to a color appointment to fully transform hair without wasting hours in the salon. This is also a great add-on for color-sensitive and pregnant clients.
    • Baelee says for a soft blend, add pops of tape-ins that are a lighter shade on the bottom and a natural shade on the top. For a bolder pop, do the reverse!


Dramatic transformations LIKE THAT?! Peep this easy-to-apply dimension!


3. Extend Your Extension Services Post-Appointment
Your client is your walking business card, and when her friends ask who transformed her hair (for better or for worse), it’s on you. That’s why you should always send clients home with at-home maintenance cards, highlighting essential info like these keys to extension longevity:

  • Avoid shampooing every day and use a sulfate-free shampoo.
  • Avoid extremely hot water in the shower.
  • Use a treatment mask once a week.
  • Avoid brushing the hair too vigorously.
  • Place extensions in a loose braid or ponytail, then wrap in a scarf to protect hair from tangling.



Pro Tip: Customize every installation service. Want extensive tape-in application, cutting and customizing education?! Click HERE to watch the 90-minute course. Then, take the quiz to earn your master certificate today! 


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