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Last updated: December 19, 2019

Double Hand Tied Weft

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The newly innovated hairtalk Double Hand Tied Weft Extensions deliver double the density of hair than the average industry hand-tied weft, yet provide the same weft seam thinness sought out by stylists and clients alike. This allows stylists to use less wefts per row, making the application process easier and faster.


Here are the deets:


  • Double the density than industry average
  • Weft seam thinness sought by stylists and clients
  • Less wefts needed per row for a simpler and quicker application  
  • Two width options (11” & 5.5” wide) allow for ultimate customization
  • 5.5” wide option perfect for the nape and closer to the hairline
  • Single bundle packs provide the freedom to mix and match colors
  • Seamless return that avoids matting and tangling


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Manufacturer: Hairtalk, @hairtalkusa

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Double Hand Tied Weft

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