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Last updated: November 29, 2022

Create A Bronde Balayage Without The Bleach: Here’s How!

Create A Dimensional Balayage Without Lightening The Hair 

Picture this: Your client just requested a dimensional bronde—but their hair needs a break from the bleach. Here’s a pro secret…offer them a bright transformation (with added fullness and extra length) with extensions.


hairtalk® Senior Multimethod Master Educator and Director of Development Jaqueline Figueroa (@hairplaylv) is here to show you how to give your client a beautiful, blended balayage look—no lightener required! Keep reading to learn how to determine what extension length to use, create a seamless perimeter and avoid bulky, heavy ends.


Check out the before and after below!

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1. Struggling to create blend around the hairline? Read this

Jacqui starts her application at the bottom of the nape by applying a full row of hairtalk® 17/4/8 COLORMELTS™ tape-in extensions. Here’s why:


Using a colormelt versus the original extensions will erase lines of demarcation that may appear from your client’s natural hair. COLORMELTS™ tape-in extensions are made up of 20 percent root color, 25 percent of hybrid color and 50 percent of dominant pigment to create a seamless blend.


Tape-in extensions also provide flexibility when sleeping and styling because of the flat installation leaving the bulk behind.


Check out the transformation below to see how Jaqui fills in the hairline:

hairtalk extensions hairline perimeter tip
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2. Why you should texturize extensions BEFORE the application

To create a soft transition when placing highlights, Jacqui texturizes the Petite Pro 21/60A tape-in extensions by running her texturizer through the extension once to take out 30 percent of the density. 


“This is not done to every single piece,” Jacqui explains, “This is only done to create dimension.” She will apply texturized extensions in two places: At the nape to create pops of blonde and above the ear to soften the blend when the client pulls their hair back. Without this technique, the extension will appear like a sliced foil versus a soft, hand-painted balayage. 

hairtalk extensions tip
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3. How to avoid bulky extension ends on fine-haired clients

Your fine-haired clients want their extension transformations to be impactful (hello, fullness)—but still maintain a natural look. If your client’s starting canvas is especially short or fine, Jacqui recommends using two different lengths throughout the head to create a wispier finish, avoiding a heavy look. 


Pro Tip: It’s common to find breakage around the hairline. To help create a seamless blend for finer areas, Jacqui starts with a Petite Pro 17/4/8 CM first, adding the blonde Petite Pro 21/60A extension directly on top to create brightness without obvious chunks.


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