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Last updated: July 28, 2021

Watch: @lo_wheelerdavis’s 15-Minute Balayage Application


Watch This Express Balayage Application For Sun-Kissed Blondes

Balayage application in less than 20 minutes? It IS possible, and Kenra Professional Ambassador Lo Wheeler (@lo_wheelerdavis) showed us how! These are the four must-know tips we learned from Lo’s speedy technique, from choosing a fast-acting product to pricing for an express service. 



Four Key Takeaways

How To Choose A Balayage Lightener
For this method, Lo is using the Kenra Professional Simply Blonde Blue Powder Lightener. Why?
  • The blue base cancels as much warmth as possible during the service, which is ideal for a technique like balayage that inherently results in warmer lift.
  • It processes fast, especially with 30-volume developer, so it’s great for a technique that can be applied in as little as 15 minutes.


When would Lo use clay lightener? If the client had lots of preexisting highlights, or if she was already a blonde. Both product types have their place, so use your client’s current canvas and desired result to make your choice.


How To Balayage In Less Than 20 Minutes
The secret to this technique is in the sectioning. Larger sections equal faster application. The biggest mistake Lo sees people make in balayage is to subsection as if they are foiling—this approach only adds time and doesn’t help create a dimensional end result, which is the goal of balayage. Watch the video to see how Lo sections the head to move quickly.
How To Achieve High-Impact Versus Subtle Balayage Results
The beauty of balayage is that it is SO customizable. For a client desiring lots of lightened ribbons, paint the surface of each section heavily. For someone desiring a lower-maintenance look, take a weave and THEN paint. The weave size is up to you based on what you want to achieve. Watch the video to hear how Lo explains this tip.
How To Charge For Express Balayage Service
Don’t reduce your price just because the service time is shorter. “Why discount something because you’re fast at it?” Lo said. “Don’t sacrifice your worth because you created an efficient service.” 


Check Out The Before & After!

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Click HERE To Buy Lo’s Go-To Lightener, The Kenra Professional Simply Blonde Blue Powder Lightener!


Balayage Formula: Kenra Professional Simply Blonde Blue Powder Lightener + Simply Blonde 30-volume Developer

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