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Last updated: August 09, 2019

Master This Heavy Fringe-Cutting Technique

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Remember that dramatic fringe and modern shag celebrity stylist Chris McMillan (@mrchrismcmillan) gave actress Portia de Rossi? Well SEVEN haircare master stylist and flagship educator Fabby Loera (@fabbydoeshair) was behind the scenes at the photo shoot, and now she’s breaking down exactly how you can recreate those trendy eye-sweeping bangs for summer! Get the cutting techniques below!


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1. Prep with SEVEN haircare SATARA®️ Seal Spray—it’s a great cutting lotion for color-treated clients because it evens out the hair’s porosity and provides moisture and slip for cutting.


2. Create a soft triangular section and work in 1/2-inch sections.


3. Using the blunt side of the razor, feather from the center and work your way out.


4. Then, apply SEVEN Haircare BORATO®️ Mousse to a wide-tooth comb and evenly distribute from roots to ends. Using your hands, work in vertical sections and twist the curls away from the face.


5. Using a vent brush, smooth out the fringe using minimal blow-drying in a back and forth movement to break up any strong growth patterns.


6. Cocktail 5 pumps of SEVEN haircare SATARA®️ Relax Serum and 1 pump of SEVEN haircare GAZAR®️ Diamond Serum, emulsify and apply to create pliability for dry-cutting the fringe section.


7. Using a vent brush and flat wrap technique, smooth the hair forward and around the head.


8. Detail the fringe section by feeding the hair into a comb and deeply point-cut.


9. Soften the line by keeping the blade parallel to the hair. Start in the center and work into the right, then left. Pro Tip: Point-cutting parallel to the hair creates a softer line while point-cutting at an angle creates a serrated line.



Love this look? Get all of Fabby’s steps to achieve this modern shag! 

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