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December 1, 2017

Modern Shag


Modern Shag

Create the ultimate modern shag with this how-to from SEVEN haircare Master Stylist and Flagship Educator Fabby Loera. She walks us through how to recreate this gorgeous cut that celeb hairdresser Chris McMillan gave the beautiful Portia de Rossi exclusively for SEVEN haircare—watch the video below, and check out the steps!


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Artist: Fabby Loera

Products Used



  • 1

    Original cut on Portia de Rossi.

  • 2

    Before. Start the service by using the KENTE® BOND regimen—shampoo and condition with BOND shampoo and conditioner, then use the BOND reparative spray to help heal the client’s lightened hair.

  • 3

    Prep the hair with ARMURE® LEAVE-IN conditioner spray for strength and moisture, spraying the product all over the head.

  • 4

    Then spray the head with SATARA® SEAL spray to even the hair’s porosity.

  • 5

    Create a horseshoe parting at the crown and clip the top hair out of the way.

  • 6

    Section out a soft triangular section for the fringe. Determine the section by the client’s hair density and desired fringe thickness.

  • 7

    Create a vertical section behind the ear on either side of the head, and keep these sections out of the way.

  • 8

    Begin the cut in the back of the head. Take a center vertical section from occipital to nape. Lift it out from the head and cut a concave layer (short to long).

  • 9

    Continue to take ½-inch sections, working from the center out to the right, stopping just behind the ear. Repeat on the left back side, working from the center to just behind the left ear.

  • 10

    Begin the outline. Still working in the back, take a horizontal section from mid-ear to mid-ear and clip up the top half of the back.

  • 11

    On the bottom half of the back, point-cut to establish a soft outline at the desired length. Then, drop down the top back section and point-cut, following your guide.

  • 12

    Move to the right side of the head, cutting from short to long to match the guide at the back. Continue to mist the hair with SATARA® SEAL spray to maintain even porosity, elasticity and moisture. Repeat on the left side of the head.

  • 13

    Drop the top horseshoe section and create a center part.

  • 14

    Using the length from the back to create a vertical guide, take horizontal ½-inch sections and work front to back on the left side, connecting to the vertical guide you created. Comb the guide to the right side and repeat.

  • 15

    Move onto the fringe. Work in horizontal ½-inch sections, establishing the length first.

  • 16

    Use a razor to feather the fringe, beginning in the center and working your way out.

  • 17

    For added texture in the fringe, skim the top of the hair with the razor.

  • 18

    To connect the fringe to the sides, take a section from the fringe to behind the ear and cut with your razor.

  • 19

    Finished fringe.

  • 20

    To style, squeeze a line of BORATO® MOUSSE foam onto a comb and comb through the hair for even distribution and control.

  • 21

    In your hand, create a cocktail of 2 pumps SATARA® RELAX serum and 1 pump GAZAR® DIAMOND serum. Evenly distribute through the hair from mids to ends. This cocktail combines the water-soluable gel-serum of RELAX with the moisturizing benefits of DIAMOND for shine, slippage and protection.

  • 22

    Rough-dry with a vent brush and your hands.

  • 23

    When the hair is dry, it’s time to refine. Connect the horseshoe on top with the length on the sides, using deep point-cutting to remove weight. Work the top in horizontal sections to refine the length.

  • 24

    Refine the fringe with point-cutting and slide-cutting.

  • 25

    In the back, point-cut to connect the layers to the horseshoe shape.

  • 26

    When you’re finished refining the cut, use a round brush to blow-dry the hair smooth.

  • 27

    Finish with CUBICA® WORKING spray for dimensional shine with a light to medium hold.

  • 28

    Finished look.

  • 29

    Finished look on Portia de Rossi.

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