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Last updated: February 22, 2024

3 Clipper Hacks For Creating Movement In Men’s Cuts

PSA: You Can Create Movement & Texture In Men’s Cuts Using Exclusively Clippers

If cosmetology school left you thinking the only way to create movement, texture and length in a men’s cut was by point cutting, then we have news for you. Sport Clips Haircuts Educator, Colleen “Coco” Brickley (@cocodidmyhair) is teaching how clippers-only cuts can do all three. From the exact wrist movements to the best blade sizes to use—allow Coco to change the way you cut short hair with the below tips.


1. How To Pivot Your Clippers To Cut Then Blend Two Sections In One Motion

To create a seamless blend on tapers and fades using clippers, Coco imagines the clippers as a leg and the blade as a foot—the top being the “toe” and the bottom being the “heel.” See how one swift flick of the wrist from “toe-to-heel” creates a flawless transition:


  1. The “toe” cuts the hair, so go in toward the head with the clippers angled with the “toe” pointed down.
  2. After the hair is cut, pivot your wrist (and thus, the clippers) upward creating a “C” motion to create distance between the blade and the scalp.
  3. Since the “heel” blends the hair, finish by suspending the “heel” off the head.


See Coco replicate these three movements:


Watch Coco’s full toe-to-heel technique here!


2. How To Approach A Cut If You Want To Ensure Length In The Center:

Clippers aren’t solely used for close-to-the-scalp cuts. In fact, Coco prefers using them to maintain length but add texture to the longest sections of the hair in order to create a jagged, tousled look. Here’s how:


  1. Take the longest section of hair (at the top center of the head) and section it in half. 
  2. On whichever half you want to start with, create a cutting guide using two fingers at the face-framing section. Your fingers should be at their highest point at the longest point of hair then angled down toward the temple at the shortest, creating a triangular section.
  3. With the texture blade on the Wahl Professional Big Mag clippers, start at the shortest part of the section and glide the clippers in an upward angle then finish off directing them toward you for a soft finish that creates plenty of movement.


Pro Tip: If your client is intimidated by the use of clippers on longer sections, explain to them that this technique will make their hair lighter and easier to style—with or without products.


3. These Clipper Blade Sizes Create Length:

To ensure a seamlessly blended taper or fade cut with plenty of contrast in length, make sure you have a range of blade sizes ready to swap in and out. These are the sizes/numbers applicable to Coco’s Big Mag clippers, here’s what she used:


  • Blade No. 3: Removes large amounts of hair using big strokes.
  • Blade No. 1.5: Blends transition points using short strokes.
  • Blade No. 1: Creates a taper around the ears.
  • Blade No. 0: Creates a taper at the sideburns and temple.


Want more of Coco’s Sport Clips Haircuts techniques? Click here to join the team and get paid training!

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