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Last updated: December 04, 2023

Men’s Haircutting: How To Use Clippers On Long Hair

Full Tutorial: How To Cut Men’s Hair Using Only Clippers

Before you reach for your shears, watch this: Sport Clips National Artistic Team Member Pauline Pryor (@pryorpauline) is teaching you her technique to create long layers on male clients by only using clippers. Read this to learn how to cut square layers, when to elevate your section and ways to increase control when working with clippers—plus, press play above or click here to watch the full 30-minute tutorial!


Check out the before and after below:

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5 Key Points To Know:

1. Use many sections: Using a large number of sections will increase control of the hair when working with clippers.


2. Keep the hair damp: Lightly mist the hair with water and apply a cutting aid to further increase control.


3. To create volume at the nape: Start cutting in the center back of the head and elevate the hair to a 45-degree angle to create volume.

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4. To create more of a flat, square layer: Pivot to hold your section vertically, your fingers pointing upward. To create a more masculine look for male clientele, be sure to cut flat, square layers versus round layers.

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5. Cross-check every section as you work: That way, you won’t take any errors to the next section.


Click here to watch the how-to and get the rest of Pauline’s tips!


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