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Last updated: August 07, 2017

Here’s How to Master Men’s Services

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Don’t fear the clippers. Don’t fear the fade. Don’t fear the pompadour, the crewcut, the hard part or any classic men’s cuts or techniques. Now you can build your men’s barbering and grooming business with confidence, thanks to the Wahl Men’s Method from Wahl Professional.



If you’re a student undergraduate, you’ll find a version of the program that gives you the foundations you need to master nine essential haircuts to satisfy nearly every future client. If you’re a graduate, check out the Graduate Technical Education Program. It’s designed for students who have completed the Undergrad Wahl Men’s Method or graduated from cosmetology school. It’s a men’s technical cutting program that merges old school barbering techniques with modern men’s grooming.


Both programs offer comprehensive kits that include a DVD set containing complete how-tos for each cut, plus course book, posters, access to a digital portal, notebooks and select Wahl clippers.


“Wahl Men’s Method bridges the haircutting differences between cosmetology and barbering education,” says Wahl Men’s Method Education Specialist Tracey Nugent. “For example, cosmetologists typically remove the weight of the hair, while barbers keep it and position it in certain areas. With Wahl Men’s Method, both cosmetologists and barbers are able to utilize their current knowledge and merge it with some ‘out of the box’ thoughts on how to approach the head shape and haircut.”


And according to Wahl Director of Education Laura VanderMoere, the program goes beyond barbering techniques. “It also focuses on building client relationships,” she notes. “It will equip students with the necessary skills for successful client retention, and this is how we all generate revenue.”


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