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Last updated: September 27, 2017

5 Tips To Succeed In Men’s Cutting

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Miguel Rosas knows his stuff—check out this portrait of Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta!


You’re always looking to up your men’s cutting game, so we went straight to the expert: Wahl Education & Artistic Team (W.E.A.T.) member Miguel Rosas. He’s won numerous barbering competitions and is a master at portrait cutting (seriously, his portrait of Colonel Sanders on a KFC employee’s child’s head won him free chicken for life!), and he owns The New Style Barber Shop in Moline, Ill.


Miguel uses Wahl’s new 5-Star Barber Combo, two essential tools that barbers and stylists need to upgrade their cuts. The 5-Star Legend has an extended blade slide, which allows for a greater cutting range for precision fading. The 5-Star Hero trimmer is equipped with a T-blade for precision lining, edging and design, helping you achieve clean, crisp lines every time.


Now, let’s get Miguel’s tips!


1. Always make sure you take care of your professional tools. Investing in your tools—and caring for them properly—always pays off in the long run.


Courtesy of Miguel’s Instagram, @newstyle84.


2. Consistency and a great personality can go farther than actual cutting skills. And those two qualities are crucial to be a great stylist or barber!


3. Always know your worth. When you know what you are worth and carry yourself in a professional manner, your clients will confide in you and pay you what you ask for.


Courtesy of Miguel’s Instagram, @newstyle84.


4. Stay passionate for your craft. Passion is what motivates a professional to strive for improvement and the inner desire to always learn new things.


5. Remember a new client’s name by saying it at least three different times during the haircut. This will make them feel more welcome, thus increasing the chance of their return business.


Check out the 5-Star Barber Combo!
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