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Last updated: May 09, 2018

Transitions, Line Work and Blending: 5 Men’s Cutting Tips

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Men’s barbering is making a comeback in a major way, so why wait to start mastering your grooming skills and building your clientele? We scoured the Premiere Orlando show floor for all of the tips, tricks and techniques you need to bring ALL the boys to your chair! From blending basics to hair tattoos, we have what you need to succeed in men’s grooming. Check it all out below!



1. Horizontal Transition Tip
We caught educator Jason Jewell at the American Crew booth working on a horizontal transition while creating a strong, blended taper with exaggerated length through the top. His number one rule when learning how to cut a horizontal transition? “A lot of people struggle with tension—how hard they’re pulling on the hair,” he says. “And if they pull too hard when they’re doing a horizontal transition, when they release it, what they just cut is shorter than what’s underneath it.” Combat this by using light tension in your fingers.



2. Up Your Hair Tattoo Game
We met up with Wahl Education Artistic Team Member Kristi Faulkner, who gave us some hair tattoo tips! Watch below.



She also gave us a quick rundown on edging. “The most important thing when you’re doing an edge is to start in the middle of the forehead, because that’s the lowest point of the edge,” she shares. “And then once you do that, a good rule of thumb is to not go past the eyebrow.” When using your trimmer, says Kristi, just tap softly. There’s no need to use any pressure.   



3. Line Work
When doing your line work on your male clients, make sure you’re preparing the skin properly. Check out a few tips from Esquire barber Pasquale di Tullio on how to perfect your technique and keep your client comfortable. 



4. Blending Basics
The Sport Clips team is always thinking of new and easy ways for stylists to master their skills behind the chair, and this scissoring technique where your comb meets the clipper is the perfect way to keep track of and blend out your cut! Watch the clip now.



5. Begin With The Baseline
The Schorem Barbers are known for their no bullshit education, and they didn’t disappoint when they dished out this must-know barbering technique (using Reuzel, of course!) Reuzel also took home a Stylist Choice Award for Favorite Barbering/Grooming Company Of The Year!


Check out all the winners here



Start every haircut with the same technique–forming the baseline. If you want the sides a bit shorter, move the baseline up, and if you want them a bit longer, move the baseline down. After you’ve created the baseline, then connect the top layer. Make sure to dry the hair––it’s important to see how your cut moves with the hair’s natural flow. If he wants a side parting, it must be on the correct side so it doesn’t work against his natural hair flow.