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Last updated: May 09, 2018

4 Ways To Use Tools On Male Clients

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Clippers, scissors and razors are the tools you typically reach for when a guy sits in your chair, but are you using combs and brushes to your advantage? British Master Barber Garry Jackson explains how to up your men’s grooming experience to make sure your guys are loyal to you!


1. How To Use Brushes In Men’s Cuts 

  • After you finish a fade, brush through the hair with the Denman Fade Brush—it’s a staple at barbershops around the world and it will help identify any imperfections in the cut.





  • Your client will come back if you give him a memorable service! Use the Jack Dean Club Brushes (in the gif above) to not only work product into the scalp, but to also act as a head massage.


2. How To Use Combs in Men’s Cuts

  • Use combs to ensure your pomps and quiffs are solid—combs help you see where to remove weight and add separation and definition.



  • The surface of the Jack Dean Flat-Top Comb (seen above) allows barbers to remove bulk very easily when working on any type of hair (even really thick hair) and while cutting with clippers, scissors and razors.
  • Garry suggests using a wide-tooth comb (like this Jack Dean Pomp Comb) on a finished pompadour to create immediate definition and added separation throughout the cut. Do this to see if you and your client are happy with the final outcome.


3. Teach Your Client About Products

  • Guys want to look good, and if they’re spending time and money in your chair, chances are you can sell them on a styling product to buy before leaving.
  • Garry says products like pastes and pomades go a long way, and they will allow your client to sculpt and mold their hair quickly and easily when doing it on their own.



  • Show your client how to style their hair with the product they are going to buy. Two of Garry’s favorites? This Jack Dean Paste and Pomade


4. Offer Extra Services To Increase Loyalty

  • Don’t just work with the hair on their head. Garry says to offer everything from beard services to cleaning up that extra facial hair they don’t want to talk about.



  • During the cut, take note of their ear and nose hair and eyebrows, and if you see it, just take care of it without asking. This is giving them something extra, it’s adding to their overall experience (try this Jack Dean Shaving Trio!). 


Watch the video to meet Garry and get a look inside the barbershop!


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