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Last updated: October 05, 2017

Brush Up On Your Facts!

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As a stylist, you are an artist, and your hairbrush is… well, your brush. For something you use so often, talking about it isn’t all that much fun. There’s nothing special about them anymore, right? Wrong! Did you know that a brush can actually replace dry shampoo? That the right brush will encourage hair growth for clients with thinning hair? There are so many little secrets left to uncover about this classic salon staple. Check out these hairbrush cheats!


1. No dry shampoo? No problem. There’s a better, more organic method—use a natural boar bristle brush. Boar bristles keep the hair clean, removing excess product and grime. This brush nourishes while it works—smoothing your own natural oils through the hair to moisturize, and stimulating red blood cells on the scalp, encouraging hair growth.


2. You can use a brush for his hair. A lot of stylists swear that when styling men, brushing isn’t the answer. Sure, it could definitely muss all of your hard work, but it doesn’t’ have to be that way. Don’t be afraid to use a small round brush for some light smoothing and shaping. Just remember—use a light hand.


Image Courtesy of Stephanie Brinkerhoff


3. When it comes to the perfect updo, a little bit of backcombing before curling will keep the hair crisp and intact. But keep your tools in mind! Don’t just use a cheap comb. That’s just asking for breakage and tangles in the hair. Use a more versatile tool like the Kent. Salon Back Combing Brush—one with strong teeth so you have more control of your movements.


4. A good handle can change everything. Balance is key, so a tool that promotes it, like the silver tips at the base of Kent. Salon brushes, is perfect for your salon. With the right balance, you can wield your tools quicker and more efficiently. (And in addition to its super cool look and ergonomic design, it can also be used as a soft sectioning tool!)


The Curved Vent brush is the most popular in the Kent. Salon collection! And for good reason—it’s the only of its kind in the world. 


5. When blow-drying, make sure you have a brush that allows you a lot of airflow. For instance, the Kent. Salon Vent Curved Brush is an amazing tool for that perfect blow-dry. Use your brush to follow the natural shape of the head, for a smooth, soft brushing experience. For other forms of heated styling, the 44m Ceramic Bristle Brush is perfect for curling or straightening. Always make sure your heat-styling brush has the ability to release hair without snagging and tugging.


6. Dispel popular brushing myths. At-home hairbrushing seems obvious, but a lot of your clients don’t do it correctly. There are tons of popular myths floating around out there! Whether it’s 100 stokes a day on each side or don’t brush at all for more texture—your clients may not be doing what’s best for their hair. It all starts with the right brush! Help them pick out which one is best for their hair type—it’s also a great opportunity to retail in your salon!


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