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Last updated: December 06, 2022

Here’s How To Blowout This Year’s Hottest Trends

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @hairbystevie

4 Blowout Tips To Style The Biggest Haircut Trends

From sweeping fringe to ’90s layers, 2022 has been the year of blowouts. With clients lining up for smooth, voluminous locks, we’ve compiled a list of must-know tips to help you behind the chair. The secret: Choosing the right round brush to get the job done with ease.


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Photo Credit: Instagram via @hairbystevie


1. Soft, sweeping fringe

Face-framing curtain bangs have had a BIG moment in 2022and in terms of size! We’re happy to say that these voluminous, “It Girl” bangs are here to stay. Here’s how Stevie Meech (@hairbystevie) sends her clients home rocking that iconic Farrah Fawcett look:


  1. Round brush the bangs forward at the part. 
  2. Flip the fringe back, sweeping it into the rest of the hair for a soft, blended result. 


Pro tip: When blowing out any style, tension is key! Olivia Garden NewCycle brushes help you hold the hair tight with an ergonomic comfort grip handle and ion charged bristles.


Swipe to see Stevie’s 2-step fringe blowout process:

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2. Flippy blowout cheat sheet

Struggling with this ultimate cool-girl hairstyle? No problemBTC Team Member Taylor Dellatorre (@taylordidmyhair) has a foolproof method for contouring your client’s face by accentuating effortless, Rachel Green-inspired layers. Just follow these three steps:


  1. Blow-dry the hair until it’s about 70 to 80 percent dry.
  2. Blowout the front hairline first. Why? It’s the hardest section to smooth and naturally dries the quickest. Remember, the direction of your blowout helps accentuate the face frame!
  3. In the back, take small sections, wrapping the hair around the brush. Make sure to spin the hair towards the center while releasing.


See Taylor’s step two and three for creating a flippy blowout:

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Pro tip: “A blowout is only great with the right tools,” says Taylor. Her go-to: Olivia Garden’s NewCycle brush collection. Here are some of the perks: a ceramic coated barrel, frizz-eliminating bristles and large holes to maximize airflow for the perfect blowout.


Taylor’s blowout is serving some serious hair envy:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @taylordidmyhair


3. Retro curtain bangs

Clients are throwing it back to the ’70s with this timeless Goldie Hawn and Stevie Nicks-style fringe. Here’s how Victoria Schrager (@victoria.hairart) blows out her clients’ curtain bangs:


  1. Start by blowing the entire section straight down from the root, wrapping back and forth along the forehead. Don’t worry about the ends yet—this is just to get the roots in check!
  2. Split the bangs down the center and then in half.
  3. Hold your round brush at an angle, blowing the ends away from the face.
  4. Scrunch into place for extra volume!


Follow Victoria’s step-by-step method:

Step one. Photo Credit: Instagram via @victoria.hairart


See Sara Sison’s (@sarasison_hairskill) curtain bangs blowout in action:

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Pro tip: See how Summer Labayen (@manely.summer) swapped out her client’s light shirt with a black gown to make her client’s blonde blowout POP! Summer uses the Olivia Garden NewCycle Gown—an all-black, logo-less gown made from 100 percent recycled materials.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @manely.summer


4. Bouncy ’90s blowout

Your clients’ mood boards all have one thing in common: References to ’90s icons. Whether it’s Cindy Crawford or Cher in “Clueless,” be ready to create supermodel volume that lasts. Grab your rollers and follow these steps from Utah-based hairstylist Karen (@honeyhairbykare):


  1. Start by rolling the fringe section, following with your blow-dryer. Make sure to roll all the way to the root, then hit your cool shot. Hold in place with a roller.
  2. Follow the brush all the way down the sides. Roll the section and hit your cool shot. Then, unravel and cool shot again. Hold in place to let the curl set for extra bounce. Repeat with each subsequent section.
  3. Once each section is curled, remove the roller and part the fringe down the middle.


Check out Karen’s process + finished look:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @honeyhairbykare


Watch Karen’s full ’90s blowout tutorial:

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