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Last updated: September 08, 2022

Your Combs & Brushes Might Be Ruining Your Work—Listen Up!

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It’s something you might not give much thought to—but your everyday combs and brushes could be working against you. If you feel like you’re at a standstill with your work, it’s likely your tools that can’t keep up with new techniques. Put down the brushes you’ve had for years and read these few (surprising?) tips to help you rethink what you’re using daily! 


Problem #1: Wasting Time Weaving Back-To-Back Foils

If you struggle with cutting time off your lightening appointments, switching your go-to rat tail comb could make a big difference. 


“I use the Olivia Garden CarbonLite™ Metal Tail Teasing Comb because of the longer, thinner tail for precision work,” says haircolor expert @samanthasbeautyconfessions. “The serrated tail design also makes foil gripping super easy.” The longer design actually makes it easier to weave out foils for consistent highlights. Just watch below! 


Pro Tip: Samantha explains she used to slice out every subsection and then weave but NOW recommends starting the weave directly from the base.⁣ “It’s such a simple, easy change and it will end up saving you so much time,” she says. 


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Problem #2: Cutting Combs That Snag & Pull The Hair

No really, it’s a thing! Textured hair specialist @johnwgeorge explains why it’s so important to use cutting combs with rounded teeth, sealed edges and optimized grips. It makes a huge difference in the way your client’s hair is sectioned and protected during maintenance appointments. 


“One reason I love Olivia Garden CarbonLite 8.5″ Cutting Comb is because of the no-hair breakage design,” explains John. “Some combs have unfinished edges that can snag on the hair and cause breakage.”


Watch the 8.5″ Cutting Comb glide through the hair without any tugging:


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Problem #3: Frizz-Taming Barbering Brush

The large round brushes we all have for blowouts can’t get into tight corners to shape men’s cuts. Miami barber Bryant Gutierrez (@b.gutier) demos why he uses specialty barbering brushes like Olivia Garden Barber Brushes to finish his client’s detailed cuts. 


Pro Tip: Send your guys home with the brushes you use! Male clientele tends to struggle with doing their hair at home. Show them how you style their hair and retail all your tools to them—win, win for both of you. 


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