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Last updated: July 27, 2017

7 Hot Tips to Upgrade Your Blow-Dry

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The pros at Denman know a thing or two about creating top-notch styles. But how do you make head-turning looks that last? Starting with the perfect blow-dry, of course! Use these 7 hot tips to make sure your skills are up to par.


1. The nozzle of the hairdryer should be kept at least 4 inches away from the hair and brush as the heat will damage the hair and brush over time.


2. Never place the dryer nozzle on top the brush or hair.


3. Never allow the hairbrush pins or bristles past the grille and inside the hairdryer, as they will be damaged.


4. Concentrator nozzles, diffusers or other attachments should only be used on low/medium heat settings and not placed directly on the hair or hairbrush.


5. Do not concentrate heat in one particular area for any length of time, which can lead to over-drying and excessive damage. Keep the hairdryer moving over different sections.


6. Be sure that you are using your hairdryer properly, and on the correct settings. The usage instructions are there for a reason!


7. During blowdrying, the concentrator nozzle should be directed downwards to smooth the hair cuticle and give a better finish.