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Last updated: December 01, 2017

HOW-TO: Weave Your Perfect Color

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As color continues to be one of the biggest revenue sources for stylists, being able to increase the number of color-booked clients is always the biggest struggle. What if we told you there’s a technique that will allow you to create seamless highlights in a fraction of the time? Enter the Weaveze™ from Denman


The Weaveze™ is a simple, professional coloring tool that was designed by experienced industry professional Holly Dedman to increase the speed and efficiency of weaving highlights. Meaning, you can increase the number of color clients in your chair throughout the day without sacrificing the quality of your work. Get the steps below to see how it works, then check out Holly’s tips and tricks for using the Weaveze™! 


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How To:


1. Place the Weaveze on your middle finger securely, using the clamps provided.


2. For accurate placement, take a section of hair ready to weave for highlights and place the Weaveze under the section.


Note: The Weaveze can be used to create initial highlights or to continue previously-done highlights.


3. When creating initial highlights, it’s important to create evenly spaced waves. Start by turning your wrist and tilting the Weaveze toward you. Then, using a pin-tail comb, insert the tool between the layers of the separated hair created by the weaving teeth. The top layer will produce evenly-spaced weaves that are ready for your color application.


4. When using the Weaveze to continue coloring previously-done highlights, use the curve-shaped well on the tool to form a backdrop underneath the section of the hair. This improves your visibility to weave out previously-colored strands. Then, you’re ready to apply your color. 


Watch the full how-to below!


Now that you understand how to use the Weaveze, check out Holly’s top four tips and tricks:


Application Tricks
Holly says to use fine sections so that when the hair separates you can put the foil directly on the root more easily. “In addition to small sections, make sure to use a lot of tension when separating the strands,” says Holly. “This gives you more control.”


Babylights, Babylights, Babylights
“I think babylights are going to be one of the next big haircolor trends—and this tool really allows you to create those baby-fine highlights,” says Holly. So remember, when a client comes in requesting babylights for her seasonal switch-up, the Weaveze is exactly what you need!


For the Student & The Experienced
The Weaveze allows you to create beautiful highlights, and to do it really fast. So, it’s recommended for stylists of all backgrounds. Holly says it’s a great tool for students to use when they are first starting out, or for professionals who have been working behind the chair for years and want to increase their number of clients per day. 


Why It’s Such A Hit
There is a wow factor to it, says Holly. Color is so big right now, and stylists are going to the extreme to speed up the process. And, with a brand like Denman behind the Weaveze, it’s a no-brainer for hairdressers. They already have the six essential brushes in their starter kit, why not include this new and proven coloring tool, too, says Denman’s Karen Batley.

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