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Last updated: December 27, 2019

Bi-Layer Boho Cut

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So you want to give her natural movement with a touch of irregular texture, but you can’t compromise the weight, volume or length of her hair in the process. What do you do? In Denman Senior International Educator Paul Stafford and stylist Amy Cartwright’s case, they simply created a new cutting technique they call the bi-layer.


“We were after an undone boho, grungy feel, so this look is less about curl and more about width and texture,” shares Paul. Find out how to recreate this edgy cut, which was a finalist in the 2017 #ONESHOT Hair Awards for Editorial Shot of the Year, in the steps below!



Artist: Amy Cartwright; Paul Stafford
Colorist: Aidan Bradley
Photographer: Lee Mitchell
Makeup Artist: DJ Griffin
Wardrobe: Sara O'Neill
Manufacturer: Denman, @denmanbrush

Products Used


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    Section the hair from ear to ear, then start at the highest point of the crown and alternate between square and round layer sections. Blend the square sections with square sections only and the round sections with round sections only. “Disconnection is vital in creating the boho look,” shares Paul.

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    Using a slide-cutting technique, start at the highest point of the square layer and direct the hair toward the front sections. “It’s important to leave enough length at the front sections to allow for personalization at the end,” advises Paul.

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    If you want to cut a fringe or an underlayer, take an arc section from the temples to whatever thickness of fringe is desired. Take a section in the center of the arc and cut at a 90 degree angle. All subsequent sections should be directed to the center, creating a curved fringe from the eyes to the cheekbones.

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    Blow-dry the hair using Denman Thermo-Neon Hot Curl brushes and create loose, beachy waves concentrating on the midlengths and ends.

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    To finish, tip the hair upside down and blast with cold air, allowing the hair to open up and loosen. Finish with Alfaparf Classic Spray.

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    Finished look

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