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Last updated: May 08, 2019

Clipper-Cut Fade On Curly Hair

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Next time a curly-haired client sits in your chair and says, “Surprise me,” show him this textured “Mohawk” and clipper-cut fade combo courtesy of Imani Tezeno (@madeenjapan_), the 2019 winner of the Sport Clips “The Look” competition. Not only is a fade totally on-trend right now in men’s cutting but the subtle Mohawk vibe gives him an edge without taking too much of his natural texture off the top. 


Every year, six Sport Clips stylists compete in “The Look” competition while attending the National Huddle to showcase their haircutting skills and creativity. They complete most of the cut Sunday night while the judges look on and then they have 5 minutes on stage the next day to complete their cut while 3,000 attendees cheer. 


Click through the slideshow below for a peek at Imani finishing her cut, then keep scrolling for the how-to steps!


Artist: Imani Tezeno
Manufacturer: Sport Clips

Products Used



Starting in the back, use the Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless Magic Clip with a #2 guard and cut from the nape up to the occipital bone. Be sure to leave a V-shaped section uncut for the Mohawk.


Then, move to the sides and cut up to the round of the head.


Avoiding the V-shaped section, go back over and taper the back and side sections with a #0 guard.


Pro Tip: As you move from the back to the sides, use a C-shaped motion to help you work around the ears and over to the side of the head to create this version of a modified Mohawk. Doing this leaves the midsection longer and in a V-shape.


Then, use a #1½ guard to blend out any harsh lines in the back and on the sides.


Repeat the previous step with a #1 guard and then again with a #½ guard until the back and side sections are blended and the Mohawk has shape.


Blend the top section with the sides using the clipper-over-comb technique, holding the comb at a diagonal back angle.


Moving to the top, take a 1-inch horizontal section across the front, hold it out at a 90° angle and cut, leaving about 3 inches of length.


Then, move so you’re standing on the right side of the head and divide the hair straight down the middle. Overdirecting the hair to the right side of the part, take ½-inch sections and work front to back to connect the sides to the top guide.


Note: Your holding angle will vary as you work around the head but Imani says don’t worry about removing all the weight just yet. That will be blended out later.


Using clipper-over-comb, smooth out the V-shaped Mohawk section and then clean up the cut by blending out the top and side sections. 


Pro Tip: If the client has straight hair, you can point cut the top to add some texture and definition.


For the style, apply Sexy Hair Style Sexy Hair Blow It Up Volumizing Gel Foam to slightly damp hair and work it through from roots to ends. Then, apply MVRCK by Mitch Grooming Cream to the ends to define the curls and smooth down the sides.

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Finished look // Imani with her model

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