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Last updated: May 10, 2018

Celebrity Copy Cut: Jamie Dornan

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Looking for a sexy new men’s style to add to your arsenal? How about this cut and beard combo inspired by “50 Shades of Grey” actor, Jamie Dornan? “This cut is complimentary to Jamie’s natural hair texture, with a tall and lean shape,” says Erica Grabczyk, American Crew All-Star Educator and Partner + Director at Groom for Men in Milwaukee, WI. “The shorter front hairline opens up the upper part of his face, showcasing his eyes. His beard is rugged but controlled, and complements his wavy texture. Add his classic wardrobe to the mix, and he’s truly 50 shades of sexy!”


Artist: Erica Grabczyk

Products Used



Cut the bottom half of the head shape using ½-inch vertical sections and square layering, flat-cutting with American Crew Shears to about 1½ inches in length.



Transition from the bottom half of the head shape into the top half using horizontal sections to retain weight across the top of the head. Pull the hair straight out, parallel to the floor, traveling up to the top of the head. Repeat using a flat-cut with shears.


At the very top of the head, lift ½-inch side-to-side sections straight up. Use shears, and point-cut on a 45-degree angle, at least one inch from the scalp in alternating directions. This allows the natural waves to separate. The length at the top of the head is about 2½ inches.


Allow the front hairline to fall naturally and point-cut with shears to fill in the length.


Use a Feather Razor to create a taper above the ears and in the nape area. It should rest on the ear and follow the natural hairline in the nape. Avoid creating a hard line in either area—the object is to produce an edge that is slightly broken without being wispy.


Employ shear-over-comb on the sideburns and into the beard.


Apply American Crew Alternator for lift and separation. When hair is dry, apply American Crew Defining Paste to select sections to direct and control the front and create distinct pieces for a textured surface on the top.

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Beard: Trim wiry hairs with a clipper-over-comb technique using the American Crew Master Clipper with a #1 blade and an American Crew Large Hard Rubber Clipper Comb. The remaining length should be moderately longer than stubble.


Switch to shear-over-comb, and taper the perimeter. Switch to a #000 blade on the clipper and clean up the perimeter to a natural fit on the side and an even line on the neck.


Ask your client to look forward to determine where to place the line under the jaw. It should not sit too low on the neck.


Clean up the rest of the lower neck with the #000 blade and clipper. Use shears to clean up around the upper lip. Finish with American Crew Post-Shave Cooling Lotion to sooth and moisturize the skin.